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(E) Join Croatian "Jules Verne Club" - for a reason
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/15/2005 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Join Croatian "Jules Verne Club" - for a reason


Join Croatian "Jules Verne Club"

"Jules Verne Club" was initiated at October, 1997, and formally established at 9-th February 1998. in Pazin, Istria, Croatia, with purpose to put together people who like works of famous French author Jules Verne (1828-1905), to popularize reading, translating and publishing of his works, and to encourage studying and researching of his extraordinary opus and life. Direct motivation for establishing "Jules Verne Club" in Pazin is a fact that in his novel "Mathias Sandorf" (1885) Verne wrote about Pazin, his thousand years old castle, and underground cave.


One of towers of a Castle in Pazin, place where Jules Verne's Mathias Sandorf was prisoned

"Jules Verne Club" will announce actions and results here at this site, and through "paper" bulletin which will be free delivered to the members.

Jules Verne wrote about Pazin in his novel "Mathias Sandorf" (1885), and that was a result, besides other, of his correspondence with contemporary mayor of Pazin, Giusepe Cech, and reading works of French writer and traveler Charles Yriarte. In memory of this Jules Verne's novel, Pazin had ( in 1989-1990) an amateur theatre group named "Mathias Sandorf". Today, Pazin has a Jules Verne street (since 1992.), just in a part of town nearby a thousand years old castle, that one which Verne described like Mathias Sandorf's prison. At 9-th February 1998. there was a "Jules Verne Club" established in Pazin, with purpose, besides others, to make more famous a connections between Pazin (and that means Istria and Croatia too), with this extraordinary French writer. Intention is to give deserved cultural and historical meaning to this connection, and to use it as an inspiration for some activities in our time.
We are just at very start of our efforts; so please, take this page as one which is still "under construction", and, for now, have a brief at one little "julesvernian" photo-album of our town.

"Jules Verne Club"
Stari Trg 8
52000 PAZIN
phone/fax: ++385-52/622-460


One of basic principals of membership in "Jules Verne Club" is that there's no any financial obligation for members. The only condition for become a member of "Jules Verne Club" is to donate a book or other cultural goods for Club's collection. It could be any Jules Verne's book; a book on Jules Verne; a material about Jules Verne's sources, specially for "Mathias Sandorf"; a film or a comic-book based on Jules Verne's works; a poster for Verne based films or plays; or any other cultural good connected with Jules Verne or Pazin.

There are two basic categories of membership in "Jules Verne Club": regular members, and correspondent members. Both have the same obligation to donate one book or other cultural goods for Club's collection.
Regular members are usually from Pazin and neighbor area, and we expect from them to attend Club's weekly meetings, and to take place in organization of Club's actions and events. Correspondent members have no obligation to take place in current Club's activities.

Regular and correspondent members have equal rights to be informed about every Club's activities, to be called for any public events organized by Club, and to receive Club's Bulletin for free.

For any additional information, please contact us by e-mail or otherwise (see end of this page). After expressing a wish to become a member of "Jules Verne Club", and sending to us basic information about a candidate (name, address, e-mail and URL, special interests, etc.), we'll ask for choosing a category of membership (suppose that mostly it will be a "correspondent member" category), and we'll please for offer for donation. After receiving of a donation, we'll send a member card to a new member, and we'll begin to send him all Club's materials, including Club's Bulletin.

Of course, after becoming a member, a correspondent one also has some obligations: to popularize Jules Verne and his works, specially novel "Mathias Sandorf" and connection between Jules Verne and Pazin, as much as he can.


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