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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/19/2005 | Culture And Arts | Unrated



At the University Library of Leiden, January 20th - February 20th 2005.

Mr. Ivo Dubravcic from Delft, The Netherlands, is the greatest
Croatian collectionar of old books and rarities, and well known
among specialists in Croatia. Numerous books related to Croatia
have been saved due to his information and help, and many of
them are thanks to his efforts in Croatia (in National and University
Library in Zagreb, Croatian State Archives etc.). He is also well
known among collectionars of books throughout Europe.

Though retired, he is still very active with his hobby of collecting
old books, which started thirty five years ago. I had a luck to be
acquainted with this very nice person two years ago in Zagreb,
and we had discussions about Croatian Glagolitic books. To may great
surprise, I learned from him that he is in possession of several
glagolitic rarities himself in Delft, for example a book
from the Senj Glagolitic printing house dating from 1508,
which was thus 25th country except Croatia, which keeps Croatian
glagolitic books. See for more details

The exhbition of books of Mr. Ivo Dubravcic will be held under significant
title "BETWEEN THE CROSS AND THE HALF-MOON", and will be opened
at the University Library of Leiden, January 20th 2005.
The exhbition will opened until February 20th.

It will be opened by the vice-president of the University Library
Mr. Linmans, in the presence of many distinguished guests,
including the Embassy of Croatia in the Hague. We remind that
the city of Leiden is just about 15km from the Hague.
Mr. Dubravcic prepared together with his colleagues, outstanding scholars
(also from Croatia) the accompanying guidebook with articles dealing
with the exhibition and with elements of the history of Croatian culture.

I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to Mr. Nenad Bach
for all painstaking efforts with the CROWN, and with

Those interested in the history of Croatian books will find a lots
of information on this web.

Many greetings from Zagreb to all visitors of CROWN,

Darko Zubrinic
University of Zagreb


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