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(E) Pianist Nikica Lesic at Dayton Arts Institute March 12, 1:30 pm
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/1/2005 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Pianist Nikica Lesic at Dayton Arts Institute March 12, 1:30 pm
Croatian Pianist Nikica Lesic at Dayton Arts InstituteSat., March 12, 1:30 pmHi All,Being marginally computer literate, I can only hope that the attachments I am sending actually make it. Would someone (Bob Jerin) please email me and let me know whether my mission was accomplished? Basically, new Croatian immigrant and world renowned pianist, Nikica Lesic, will be giving his first solo concert on Sat., March 12, 1:30 pm at the Dayton Art Institute. Tickets are $25. Seats can be reserved by phoning Red Oak Productions, (937) 222-6656 or Hauer Music (937)443-0361. Nikica began his piano career at age 5, in his hometown of Split, Croatia. He studied for many years under many masters, throughout Europe. Let's give a big Welcome to Nikica! Puna Hvala,Peggy Jurecic JasinaPresident,South Slavic Club of Master Pianist TechniqueLiszt ~ Ziloti@Liszt-Ziloti, Master School of Piano, has been developed and perfectedduring the past two hundred fifty years. This School and Techniqueoriginated from L. W. Beethoven, was later developed and perfected by hisstudent, virtuous pianist Franz Liszt.The technique taught by this school develops exceptional abilities inpianists, allowing them to reach the pinnacle of the Art of Piano.The philosophy of Liszt-Ziloti helps to create a balance between theintellectual and the emotional aspects of pianistic artistry; builds a connectionbetween the pianist and his instrument; nurtures the development, growth,and maturation of musical instinct; and leads to enhancement of the artist’scharacter.The techniques of the school enable the pianist to produce an incrediblyexpanded range of sound, foster a sense of space and time, and teach a deepand personal understanding of composers and their music, which lights theway toward the truest and purest pianistic interpretation of their works.A great deal of talent, hard work, and persistence is required in thestudy of the Liszt-Ziloti technique, but the result of this training is elite,sophisticated, world-class pianists.
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