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(E) Jabuka Tamburitza Fundraiser - Saturday April 2nd
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/30/2005 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Jabuka Tamburitza Fundraiser - Saturday April 2nd


If there's any way you and your family can make it Saturday night, it would be fabulous. The
groups featured are top-notch and we have many other Eastern European musicians attending as well.

Advertising our fundraiser, so posting this on your website would be extremely helpful.
Also, if you're curious as to the musician's backgrounds, log on to where many are
featured; also, go to the Kennedy Center website where the Jerry
Grcevich orchestra (of which many of these musicians are also a part of)
are featured -- the website has a video (though not of the best quality)
of their show. .

Some background on Jerry if you're not familiar with him...

Literally the best primas out there right now; second to him is Peter Kosovec of "Otrov" who will be playing Sat night. Jerry has written / co-written a number of hits with Miro Skoro, the best known "Ne Dirajte Mi Ravnicu" (which was written in his basement when Miro first emigrated to the US -- I should know -- my husband and I were both there) and works extensively with not only Miro, but Zvonko Bogdan as well, helping produce his last album (one of the songs is featured on the kennedy center video). Well, well known in tambura circles throughout the world.. and a nice guy to top it all off

Hvala puno

Marge Brajdic

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