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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/5/2005 | Culture And Arts | Unrated



I'm writing on the behalf of our publishing company form Zagreb,Croatia. We are publishing books from a different area of interest,
mostly philosophy, ethnology, history, children books.
We have published a few MacMillan children books, translated to Croatian and as well we have two children books with CD. One is called: ECI, PECI, PEC (there are about 40 different songs for chidren from 3-10, sang in kindergarten and primary school for fun as well for educational purposes. And the other is: RADOST SVIJETU SVOM also with CD, about 20 different Christmas songs. Both books have a reference from Ministry of Culture, as well as the support.

Ministry of Culture (City office for Education) have bought our children books for every town (Zagreb) kindergarten as an educational material for teachers and children as well.

What I would like, is to have a chance to talk to someone who would like to see what we can offer.

Plase be so kind and take a look on our web site, I'm sure you will find our books interesting. Especially in educational purposes for children to learn Croatian language.
Also I have to apologize for not writing in Croatian. I just didn't know which language to use, so I've decided on English.

I hope I'll have an answer soon.

Thank you for your time,
Kind regards,

Tessie JĂĽnker


IV. Ravnice 25
10000 Zagreb

telefon: +385 1 2332 020

fax: +385 1 2306 609



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