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(E) Review of the Children's Illustrated Croatian Dictionary
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/8/2005 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Review of the Children's Illustrated Croatian Dictionary



English – Croatian / Croatian - English

By Katarina Tepesh

Young readers learning Croatian language will love the 100 page full-color illustrations in the “Children’s Illustrated Croatian Dictionary.� They will find this dictionary easy to understand: when you look up the word ‘village’ you not only find translation ‘selo’ with pronunciation ‘sel-oh,’ you will also find an illustration of the village.

This “Children’s Illustrated Croatian Dictionary� will help to build a child’s understanding of Croatian language and will help them to improve spelling skills.

It’s also a great gift for a Croatian child learning English language.

Fun and easy to use, the “Children’s Illustrated Croatian Dictionary� is the ideal choice for elementary school children who are beginning to expand their vocabulary. The intuitive pronunciation guides make it easy to use. Hundreds of bright illustrations contribute to vocabulary information and make this book a treasure.

The “Children’s Illustrated Croatian Dictionaryâ€? is an invaluable reference book for young readers. It was developed in consultation with experts in the teaching field, Liliana Pavicic, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. Her prior teaching experience ranges from grade 1 through grade 8. Prior to teaching, Pavicic was a flight attendant and Croatian language interpreter and translator. Pavicic is also co-author of two cookbooks. Learn more about them by 

Hippocrene Books, Inc. 171 Madison Avenue, NY, NY 10016  $11.95


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