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(E) Japanese Choir singing Croatian Opera in Croatian language
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/19/2005 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Japanese Choir singing Croatian Opera in Croatian language

U boj, U boj

Japanese choir singing Croatian Opera

'Nikola Subic Zrinski' in Croatian language

Click here and see for yourself Japanese Website.

Listen to their live recordings of the Song U boj, U boj

This is computer translated tekst from


In English:
[ Sound recording of concert: From Concert2001 ] Finale? U Boj 5.96MB * Sound recording day: 2001 October 6th * sound recording place: North and Pia Co., Ltd. (the Tokyo north Ku) the Sakura hole * at Concert2001 encore it performs. (Premiere) * performance: Waseda University Greek love OB メンバーズ/arrangement direction: Yamazaki intellectual line/piano: Yuka Katagiri * WMA type 128kbps data compressed file [ It plays back, when ] * tune name is clicked, playback starts. [ It retains, ] * the right it clicks Windows edition Internet Explorer tune name and "the object selecting retention in the file". * The right it clicks Windows edition NETSCAPE Navigator tune name and "link acquires name and selecting retention". * In case of Macintosh, while pushing the option key, it clicks tune name, selecting the item which responds to each browser. * We prohibit the no permission diversion and alteration redistribution of the data which it is open with this sight. * MP3 is played back with PC, plug in for playback is necessary. About opera arrangement edition "U Boj" Source > of < man voice chorus tune "U Boj" 1919, with conclusion of the first next great war among the Czechoslovakia troops who are sea route return home way from Vladivostok, Trying that < August of the same year, the ヘフロン number of 847 human embarkation will avoid the typhoon, it runs aground with the Shimonoseki open sea. It escaped sinking, but the boat for repairing navigates to Kobe. As for the Czechoslovakia troop, September of the same year by train the Kobe arrival. During period of repair becomes waiting in Kobe city. > Serving English interpretation in the Kobe bottom stopping, salt road Yoshitaka who at that time has been on the register in Kansai institute Greek love (large 11 soldiers/finishings) with, music interchange of the Czechoslovakia troop and Kansai institute Greek love was done from this edge. < As for chorus of the Czechoslovakia troop, heart of the youths of Greek love the う っ it is. Especially, it was pulled in sound of pathos of the Bohemian song. "It cannot receive how many among repertories, in us?" that the member false っ becoming tired, the salt road pleads. As for the soldiers, smile and "the う it is, as for wanting please as for the musical score, the り where every one and this are for a long time Siberian revolution game and marching it had been cut off with whichever". The Greek love member keeps copying suffering hardship, while deciphering. And, you remembered the tune which is heard from the soldiers and remembered and at last, the musical score of man voice fourth section chorus of the mimeograph print you were possible and rose. Among those ウ ボイ (U Boj) it was. Eventually, repair of the boat ended and day of return home of the Czechoslovakia troop got near. That night, farewell meeting was opened at the dormitory, Greek love sang ウ ボイ other several tunes which it has transferring. The foreign students sing together the ear can tilt the soldiers, motionlessly in "your own song". When singing it ends, only it is to crack applause. The tear floated in the eye of the soldiers. > ( < > Inside Kansai institute Greek love HP/from "ウ ボイ story" http: // You sang were succeeded, ever since, as tune of Kansai institute Greek love cherishing and being after the second next great war and finally, the musical score flowing out you became repertory of man voice singing/stating group in Japan. As for details of musical score outflow, certain 団員of Kansai institute Greek love left the musical score in the bench of the Hankyu Nishinomiya north oral station, there is also a legend that this spread, but perhaps so is not, Yoichiro Hukunaga and the loving to sing tune collection where Tokyo コラリアーズ where the Kitamura cooperation one person have participated publishes? Predecessor "of Greek love album" after? It should see that it spread by the fact that it was recorded. ... That anyhow, even with the Greek love album which publishes the musical score, with the musical score of early time is published with the semantic unclear song poem which the Kansai institute glee generation after generation conveys, temporarily the Czechoslovakia folk song seems, it was tune of the kind of puzzle but probably is tune of one some contents. Whether this tune is one no person after being ascertained nearly 60 years passing from interchange with the aforementioned Czechoslovakia troop it is. The natural shape > < "U Boj" Description below, from HP of Kansai institute Greek love reprinting. < Drama with the New York worldwide university chorus festival > American visit in order Kansai institute Greek love DOTDT, 1965 (1965) receives the invitation which is reputation as the Asian representation to worldwide university chorus festival, to perform to the filling harmonic hole of the New York Lincoln center. Chorus festival first day (September 20th) lunch meeting, that time is. Dramatic impact ran. Greek love has recorded the pattern of the surprise as though ' sub- American interest adding knowledge record ' it is the lower column. ユーゴ representation sang in chorus ウ ボイ! (Omission) as for the party of the South America, as for large it is the plain gauze ぎ. Although you say, that the meal does not end yet, the hand rhythm foot rhythm, being pleasant truly, with the feeling that, finally it started singing does not accumulate. Being touched off in this, "the one shot, you do?", as if when it starts singing ウボイ, how probably will be, the party of ユーゴ rising, stand condition is adjusted, isn't? When you hear afterwards, as for ウ ボイ you say that it is the famous march which appears in the opera of ユーゴ. After the first world war, our seniors copying had 譜 in the Czechoslovakia troop, ' ウ ボイ ' it was sung over half a century, as the "Czechoslovakia folk song". It was harvesting which is unexpected. Hayasi teacher (forest male Ichiro new moon meeting chairman 1934 卆) they were the circumstances which are surprised rather in this. It was not Kansai institute Greek love and the case that you did not inspect the origin of the て and this tune, search was continued for a long time, but it is the meaning which finally grasps big clue with this worldwide university chorus festival. After that reference we would like to ask HP of Kansai institute Greek love concerning the investigation result. As for "U Boj", opera "ニコラ シュービッチ ズリンスキー which at the national ザグレブ opera place of present Croatia is premiered on 1876 November 4th/" Nikola Subic Zrinski "" (the script: Hugo Badavic/composition: Ivan pl. Zaic) it corresponds to the denouement part. HP of Kansai institute high section Greek love (presently closing) according to, "U Boj" of アカペラ man voice fourth section chorus becoming independent first, first it seems that is composed, is installed in opera afterwards. Man voice fourth section chorus and with opera the lyric differs at 2 places, with former the place where it becomes the universal lyric, "sibling", at latter arranges to the muscle of the story and with "the monarch/ズリンスキー" is changed. When you inquire about the whole opera, with the carrying which will be been indifferent, it is left over to the front step medium board and it is not potato funny, being something where, the motif "of U Boj" appears in the here and there, if it does the viewpoint which it drilled, coming to the point of with link of conception of opera fortunately, making this expand, probably designating that "U Boj" is composed or that famous musical work "U Boj" is completed as opera, the latter way feeling does very. < Opera arrangement edition/concerning early rice グリ OB メンバーズ wind "U Boj" > In 2001 July mountain old Domoto store/pavement/the Koga quasi- one person of business Headquarters Chief director (Seki study glee 1989 soldier/finishing) opera procuring CD of "ニコラシュービッチ ズリンスキー" with by way of, when hearing, from the fact that it is the tune thought where denouement "U Boj" differs from the traditional performance of Kansai institute Greek love excessively and is tempo, "we would like to try doing the performance which is originally if possible faithful", that what you think is beginning. You knew also the existence of the piano accompaniment score for full score practice of conductor which Seki study glee OB possesses, but in order to make the early rice グ リ OB メンバーズ wind after all you heard from CD and to cause. As business, the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music independent unit (composition major) while being on the register (2001 at that time) good fortune 澤 obtaining seriously cooperation first, the rough it had sketching the orchestra part in the piano 譜, rearranging the feature sound and the melody of each musical instrument into the base, decorating that it kept, in addition entire constitution foresaw, originally the thing where adds chorus to the last only of orchestral music. First, summary of the whole opera is as follows. (In sentence song poem, in order to prevent the illegal character, originally it meaning that alphabet and the sign which are peculiar to Croatian inscribe あ ones, with only normal alphabet 諒 solution.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opera "ニコラ シュービッチ ズリンスキー" 19 days to September 7th fights with the large troop of Osman Turkey from 1566 August 20th, フルヴァト national fort city ジゲット which accomplishes brave death in battle (セゲド city of Hungarian territory which is close to the present Yugoslav border) designates the historical fact of castle Mori ニコラ シュービッチズリンスキ - 4 worlds as material. As for Osman Turkey which infers west European conquest, as for the ジゲット castle which at least becomes the key to ウイーン capture partly due to the fact that condition of the great emperor Suleiman 1 world which has led deteriorates, when it will fall, 3 ten thousand large troops are implemented a little coercively. The Turkish troop who encircles the ジゲット castle advises surrender, but ズリンスキー denies this, after the provocation and the battle of the abundance, finally the Turkish troop starts all out attack. (On picture: From the CD booklet, the シゲット castle which is encircled. Reason in recent Italian copper engraving) Love daughter イェレナ of ズリンスキー, depending on the hand of the Turkish troop dislike, is the betrothed and you entreat the blade to castle Mori's reliance thick youth officer ユラニッチ and end. On the one hand, to tell the truth preceding day of all out attack, on September 6th as for Suleiman 1 world you die of illness, but the aide of Suleiman 1 world hides the death, orders the all out attack of the next day to all troop. ズリンスキー which could inform the death of イェレナ from ユラニッチ, while asking the happiness with heaven of the love daughter, you open the port and shoot, ユ ラ niche of the guidon all troop keep charging in the first. (Under picture: From the CD booklet, ズリンスキー which charges. Having the red flag with the central inner part of the picture ユラニッチ of the guidon, riding in Hakuba is アラピッチ of the aide? There is no statement of origin of the picture.) Furthermore, with historical fact, as for the neck of ズリンスキー which dies in battle it was bleached on the tent of Turkish troop General, but finally ガシュパール アラピッチ and the like it was returned to the ズ rinse key aide of several people who survive. Time is spent on this battle too much, the Turkish troop whom also the combat force consumes after that makes withdrawal unavoidable, as a result ズリンスキー assuming that the country (Croatia of today) it rescued, even now is handled as the hero. (Bibliography: CD booklet) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for the part which this time causes the musical score, ユラニッチ thickly, as for the singer who appears here is as follows from at the place where death of イェレナ is informed to Mori ズリンスキー. It is thick Mori of Zrinski ニコラ シュービッチズリンスキ - 4 worlds/the シゲット castle Wife of Eva エヴァ/ ズリンスキー Juranic ユラニッチ/betrothed of イェレナ and thickly Mori's reliance thick youth officer Alapic and Paprutovic アラピッチ, パプルトヴィッチ/together the aide of ズリンスキー Casnici i vojnici officer soldiers (man voice chorus) In addition, the gist as in approximately description below is the thing. Triple singing/stating of エヴァユラニッチ ズリンスキー? Denouement quintuple singing/stating < ズリンスキー > Gle milog sina and zeno! A gdje je nasa kci? Seeing, our and the like son came, is, but as for the daughter somewhere? < ユラニッチ > Andelak nam je Jelena! Ispred nas ode gore u vjecne Bozje dvore. イェレナ now became the angel! Being one foot to go to heaven more quickly than us, it does < ズリンスキー, エヴァ> O, Boze, tebi hvala and koj' blago uze nju! To praise God, way accepting the soul of the daughter,! < Officer soldiers > Stijeg hrvatski visoko se vije! Hrvat rado svoju krvku lije Za kralja and rod i dom! フルヴァト (present Croatia) the flag whirls the heaven high! As for フルヴァト battle preparation was prepared already, for the king, for the whole group, because of the house! < ズリンスキー > Sad naprijed, braco and vec zove bijesno Ture! Ti, Juranicu, nosi Zastavu, ja za tobom, a za mnom ti and a tada Alapic! Ali prije nego izginemo, hajd'mo braco and da se zagrlimo! (Casnici se okupe; ON se grli i rukuje s njima.) @ It advances, the sibling, the super り the Turkish troop who deviates has invited! ユラニッチ, the color hand is served and also アラピッチ where our after that probably will continue continues! Is, but before receiving our fates, meet, the sibling, now then embrace! (The officers to meet, everyone to embrace ズリンスキー to grasp the hand) (Digne zastavu) < ユラニッチ > U boj and u boj! Mac iz toka, bane and nek dusman zna kako mremo mi! The sword which is charge and charge the execution れ, the monarch 示 our and the like dies in the enemy, the way! < ズリンスキー, アラピッチ, パプルトヴィッチ and エヴァ, officer soldiers > Grad nas vec gori and stize do nas vec zar: Rik njihov ori and bijesan je njihov jar! As for the town you pant already in battle and our and the like the hot blast already it reaches to our and the like echoes in 喊 voice four enclosure and he et. al. gets angry, only the mania cup < ユラニッチ > K'o pozar taj grudi nase plamte and utisa rik maca nasih zvek! Our and the like burns and the chest however our and the like you pile up loud of uplift surpasses to sound this of the sword 戟 as though it is the industry fire which burns the town < ユラニッチ, ズリンスキー and chorus > K'o bratac brataZrinskog poljub ' te svi! Zrinskom na vrata and vjerni junaci vi! It kisses to ズリンスキー as a sibling of the person same stomach of everyone and continues in ズリンスキー and directs to the port and comes reliably 汝 and others the brave warrior < Chorus > Sad and braco! Pun'mo puske, samokrese, nase grome, nase trijese, neka ore and ruse more! Brus'mo ljute nase mace, neka sijeku jace and jace! The あ sibling in order our and the like it is loading in the firearm thunder our and the like to break the resounding て enemy of lightning, it can polish the sword and is to list neck class more and more sharply < エヴァ, ユラニッチ, パプルトヴィッチ and ズリンスキー > Sad zbogom bud', dome nas zauvijek, oj, zbogom and od svud i svudna te dusman ide prijek. I vec u grob sveti trup sklada tvoj and al' nece! Za te sin svak u boj se krece! Dome nas and ti vijekom stoj! Our and the like it is the separation with this the homeland tenfold the あ eternally it is the separation two tenfold and the group enemy it attacks the homeland and the homeland where it becomes saint it pants in decease, is, but as for the populace so points the じ and our and the like it charges the homeland, while the eternal being accustomed asking < Everyone > Hajd' u boj and u boj! Za dom sad u boj! Ma paklena mnosna nj dize svoj noz; Hajd' u boj! Nas mal and al' hrabar je broj! Tko and tko ce ga strt'? Smrt vragu and smrt! Now then and because of the homeland where it is charge charge the sibling who is charge because of the homeland now then the enemy which is hungry to the blood which is charge threatens the homeland in the enemy who ruins elite small-numbered our and the like our and the like it is charge death death < ズリンスキー > Za domovinu mrijeti kolika slast! 殉 It is sly in the homeland feeling good quality of death < Everyone > Prot dusmaninu! Mora ON past'! Already death it cannot escape him et. al. with the enemy as a road accompanying (Svi odu) (you go away from everyone stage) Katastrofa (play end) Triple singing/stating of front step? The part of permanent residence draws up on the basis of the English translation of the record booklet. 1975 Tanaka lifetime person meaning/at Yamazaki it is the free translation which the part correction assistant work is done, concerning "U boj", but the original lyric quickly and it seems that is also the part where the meaning being agreeable differs. Furthermore, "U Boj! If "with," "u the preposition which displays direction and purpose," boj "translates literally with mind" of war ","/in the sense, to battlefield to battle = war, ", but with the Czechoslovakia troop terminology" advance/it advances "and with it seems that is also the meaning of saying. As understood with the above-mentioned background and meaning, the tune, this "U Boj" becomes independent with the reputation of race, and everything it is the tune whose it is possible to symbolize thoroughness resistance to the aggressor. Recently the Croatia soldier with atrocity singing this was reported even with CNN at the time of コソヴォ disputing 1999, also the purport which forces "U Boj" seal to Kansai institute Greek love with that was discovered with the Web bulletin board. Furthermore, the one that description below viewing already we would like to understand a little in the flow of world history. Below, "the superhuman" it is quick promontory Takashi will way, HP/it reprinted from the hyper link world history encyclopedia. Http: // - Eden/index.htm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Osman Turkish teenage sultan (patriarch): Suleiman 1 world (great emperor) Reign 1520? 1566, zenith period of Osman empire the largest sultan who appears. In Turkey "the legislative person (カヌーニ)", in Europe "the magnificent person (l マニフィコ)" with it is called. It invades 13 times in reign of 46 years and (as for the inside 10 times Europe in east, as for 3 times Iran), possesses largest territory. It had big speech power in European political situation of 16th century mid terms e.g., it participates in the dispute of Austria and French both countries as the strongest empire which extends over Europe and Asia and Africa. Doing, it caused the prosperity of cultural progress e.g., in the internal affair aspect you reinforce the standing army, establish feudal system education system laws, basic body of law ' ムルテカ l エブハル ' compile into one book. ? ? Main occurrence in reign? ? 1521 Belgrade campaign (Suleiman first parent conquering) 1522 ロードス island captures (2nd parent conquering). It makes the ヨハネ horseman group surrender which does the pirate activity for ムスリム, guaranteeing east Mediterranean control of the sea. Fight Hungarian king ラヨシュ 2 world of 1526 モハッチ the defeat/miss dying, Hungary all earth was put under controlling almost. Hungary after this until 1918 loses independence. Because the Hungarian defensive line is broken, as for Austria Osman Turkey in confronting each other directly. In order to push down the cirque 5 world of the inn enemy Habsburg house, it approaches the French king フランソワ 1 world, to Osman empire. Soldier and 30 guns of 1529 primary Vienna encirclement 20000 4000, preparing boat 800 for the Danube river crossing, it faces to the Vienna capture, but because the rice bran る it is, power of the cannon not be able to show the land with the heavy rain, the failure. Even then at this incident trembled the European world. Capturing Tunis which you have submitted to 1534 Spain. Strengthening the position of the Osman empire in north Africa. "キャピトゥレーション (letter of guarantee such as residence commerce in the Turkish territory)" it gives to 1535 France, (first キャピトゥレーション grant). It forms an alliance with 1536 France. Game large admiral of 1538 プレヴェザ (the カプダン pas plain gauze) the Turkish fleet of vulva loss ハイレッディン direction, Western countries in プレヴェザ attack enclosure of the Greek Saigan アルタentrance of a bay (Spain, ヴェネツィア, the Roman pope) defeating the Combined Fleet. As a result acquiring Turkey the all Mediterranean control of the sea. 1541 Hungary again being attached state conversion. Starting the campaign for 1543 サファヴィー morning. バグダード and バスラ were occupied, Iraq all earth was almost put under controlling. In 7th next campaign Eastern Europe トランシルヴァニア Shin troop. It recognizes 宗主 right in 8th next campaign トランシルヴァニア and points. Suppressing the rebellion of 9th next campaign Hungarian cities. Multiply in civil war of 10th next campaign サファヴィー morning, it penetrates to ダブリーズ and イスファファン. It faces to 11th next campaign Europe. 12th next campaign it interferes to the civil war of サファヴィー morning again. To 1566 September 6th European front as for the Suleiman 1 world which takes the field, while capturing the Hungarian ジゲットヴァル fortress in position sinking. It returns


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