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(E) News from the City of Rijeka
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/3/2006 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) News from the City of Rijeka


News from the City of Rijeka

University Campus and University hospital - an Acropolis of knowledge

Dear Crown,

good news from Rijeka. The University of Rijeka started last week with construction of its University campus on the location of former barracks (first of Yugoslav after Croatian army) in Trsat quarter of the City (widely famous because of Madonna of Trsat pilgrimage shrine). With these work begins construction of the first phase of the Campus which includes construction of several faculty buildings, student's cultural centre and dormitory, University library, roads, parking facilities, central square etc. First phase, worth about 500 mill. kunas (or aprox. 80 mill. US dollars) is planned to be finished till 2009th when more than 5.000 students will attend their lectures there.

An idea about how to reuse former barracks site goes back to 1991. but serious preparation work started after 1995., when Homeland's war was finished. So, it was possible in 2003./04. to organize public competition for urbanistic solution of the Campus. Following winning work of architect Dario Gabrić, City Council of Rijeka approved last month Detail plan (which made arc. Gabrić also) for the area of University Campus and University hospital, which enables further construction works.

This Campus has to become an Acropolis of knowledge, acclaimed our famous architect Mr. Magaš (well-known as the author of Split soccer stadium Poljud) aimed to its position on the plain of the hill above the rest of the city. We shall agree, because we recognized it at the very start. This is an ambition of the city and Rijeka University, too.

If anyone would be moved by this article, let contact Rijeka university for further information.

All the best to all,
architect Srdjan Skunca

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