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(E) Iranian Women Directors News Conference in Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/20/2006 | Culture And Arts | Unrated
(E) Iranian Women Directors News Conference in Croatia


Iranian Women Directors News Conference in Croatia

ISNA - Tehran
Service: Culture - Cinema

Tehran, Mar.18 (ISNA)-A News conference with the participation of Iranian women directors, Pouran Derakhshandeh, Ferial Behzad and Aniseh Shah Hosseini was held in Zagreb's U.N Human Rights office by "Yasminka Petre", through the cooperation of Iran and Croatia's Friendship Association.

"In Iran, women work side by side of men, which documentary and film producing can be named as one of these shared activities," said Yasminka Petre. "Iranian films are not unfamiliar to Croatians. Croatians have watched Iranian films for many years. Croatia has complete cooperation with all artists in Iran," he said.

"Zagreb is well known for making children films and cartoons, but can we expect Iran and Croatia to cooperate in making children films?" said Petre while addressing Iranian film makers in this news conference.

Pouran Derakhshandeh while responding to Petre's question said that not only in Iran but all over the world, the most films were made for children. "It is best to merge Croatian experience on children films with the love to produce children films' in Iran and to extent our cooperation. Iran's T.V will support this plan too," she said. Ferial Behzad said it would be better that films produced in Iran were made to be broadcasted by Croatian T.V.


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