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(E) Insight into good eating - June in Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/18/2003 | Croatian Cuisine | Unrated
(E) Insight into good eating - June in Croatia


Insight into good eating

June will see a new Insight Guide to Croatia
SHOPPING and eating are two of the favourite activities for travellers and Insight Guides is tapping in to that market as it revamps and relaunches its travel guides in Australia.

This year, Insight put out guides for shopping around the world and next year will publish a range of eating guides, each written by local gourmet experts. The opening editions will be on Paris, London and New York.

Universal Publishers, which publishes and distributes Insight Guides in Australia, says the dining guides will be aimed at seasoned travellers who want the best.

But to ensure the IG range also appeals to younger travellers, IG will revamp and relaunch its City Guides series next year with a new smaller format, improved editorial and new photography.

The new look will begin with the popular destinations including Paris, Rome, New York, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing.

June will see a new Insight Guide to New Zealand, featuring adventure activities and sports but a strong emphasis on food, wine, performing arts, film and culture. There will be updated editions on Laos & Cambodia, Shanghai, Croatia, Iceland, Korea, Northern Spain, Tanzania & Zanzibar and Dubai.

Of the 120 Insight Guides available here, the top sellers are: Australia, New Zealand, China, Italy and France.,5936,8140329%255E24389,00.html

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