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(E) Zinfandel: A Croatian-American Wine Story
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/30/2005 | Croatian Cuisine | Unrated
(E) Zinfandel: A Croatian-American Wine Story


Zinfandel: A Croatian-American Wine Story

I have been able to get Dr. Jasenka Piljac's book available for purchase online, via my company's web site, . Visitors can click on "Store" and they will find the book there. The direct link is . We can take ordersby phone at 516-869-4034 and we can accept check by mail (address on the web site).

Below is a synopsis of the book from Jasenka:

The aim of the book "Zinfandel: A Croatian-American Wine Story" is to provide a picturesque and detailed portrayal of the search for original Zinfandel from an insider perspective. This book is a detective tale and a travel log written for all Zinfandel lovers interested in reading about my first hand experience on the 'Zinfandel trail' and the final discovery of its Croatian match. It is also intended for all wine lovers and future visitors to Croatia who will, among the four chapters, surely find useful information about viticultural tradition, wine production and history of Croatia – a small country with more than a thousand islands and five million smiles. I hope you'll enjoy reading my story about a grape's journey through its Croatian-American past!

Of course, it's a terrific read, it's printed in English, and I hope a lot of Croatian Americans get a chance to read it!

Note that I have no financial interest in the sale of the book, I am doing it as a favor to Jasenka.


All the best,
Dan Pedisich


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