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(E) A-Val Architectural Metal Corp.- Val Blaskovic
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/26/2004 | Companies | Unrated
(E) A-Val Architectural Metal Corp.- Val Blaskovic


Welcome to A-Val Architectural Metal Corporation
Creators of custom made architectural metal and glass designs.
Among the best in the New York Metropolitan area.

Established in March of 1984, A-Val Architectural Metal Corp. started with three employees and one truck. We now operate with more than fifty employees and twelve trucks to provide you with high quality professional service. A-Val Architectural Metal Corp. started in the storefront business, but has since evolved into one of the largest most respected architectural metal and glass companies in the Tri-State area. We specialize in, but are not limited to custom railings, lobby entrances, curtainwalls, interior metal and glasswork, custom storefronts and canopies. All ornamental metal and glass projects receive the same attention to detail no matter the size. Whether your project is bronze, stainless steel, aluminum or all glass, you can count on A-Val to work closely with your design build team to optimize quality as well as economy.

Our office staff includes in-house engineering/drafting department with AutoCAD capabilities, project managers to see your project through and administrative personnel to insure proper flow of paperwork.

Call Today
A-Val Architectural Metal Corporation
15-06 129th St., College Point, NY 11356
Phone: 718 539 2391
Fax: 718 353 1316
E-mail us:
God Bless America

Editor's Note:

Val Blaskovic deserves another page in category People as well as Charity on CROWN. His contribution and style in which he does that, is among the best of us. His heart is as big as Manhattan (Big Apple). Always giving and never bragging. People see this and appreciate your kindness and generosity. Hvala !

Nenad Bach

Some of our clients:

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Alexander Wolf & Son
Ammirati Puris Lintas
Anchor Construction
Atco Construction Corp.
Barr & Barr
Boston Properties
Builders Group
Cauldwell Wingate
CDS Mestol Construction
Citiscape Construction
Compusite Turnkey Construction
Core Construction
Crow Jones Construction
Designers Fore Ltd.
Donna Karen
Dorff Construction
Duce Contracting
Emmis Communications
Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder Store Des.
Excel Interiors
Gabe Construction
George Hillenbrand Associates
GM Services
H.M. Hughes
Helmsley - Spear, Inc.
Hines Property Management
HJ Kalikow & Co. LLC
HLW Services
Humphreys & Harding
Icon Interiors
IDI Construction
J.T. Magen & Company Inc.
James E. Fitzgerald
James G. Kennedy
Jar Construction
JCS Design Associates
John A. Grillo Architects
John F. Davie Construction
Justin Management
Kajaro Management
Kasper Ast. Ltd.
Kotier Construction
Lehr Construction
Lehrer McGovern Bovis
Lincoln Building Associates
Manda Corp.
Matura & Sons
MBI Construction
McHugh DiVincent Alessi
Mendik Reality Company Inc.
Morse Diesel
Nine West
NTX Interiors
Oat Construction Corp.
Oestreicher Construction
Orsid Realty
Pavarini Construction
Peter Marino & Associate Architects
Plaza Construction
R.P. Brennan
Rectenwald Brothers
RFC Construction
Richter & Ratner
Rudin Management
Sciame Construction
Selby Construction Inc.
Skyline Construction
SPK/Lewis Construction
Starwood Lodging
Structure Tone
The Vanderbilt Group
Trebor Management
Tri-M Construction
Tri-Star Construction
Turner Interiors
ULM II Holding Corp.
Vanguard Construction
Vertical Club
W & W Construction
West Contracting
Whitestone Construction
Whitney Museum of Art
Yorke Construction
Zaffulo Construction


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