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(E) MARASKA 5 centuries of tradition and world reputation
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/4/2005 | Companies | Unrated
(E) MARASKA 5 centuries of tradition and world reputation



5 centuries of tradition and world reputation

This is not only a slogan, this is an experience carried over the centuries into MARASKA ZADAR, the house which continues the famous liqueur tradition of the ancient city Zadar. MARASKA products have the name known all over the world, while the confidence of the consumer is obtained by high and stable quality of its products based on the experience which has been brought through the centuries. Maraska has improved its range of liqueurs, strong drinks, fruit syrups and juices
In peace and quietness of Zadar Dominican monastery, at the beginning of 16th century, the recipe of authentic Zadar liqueur was made and noted, liqueur which for the first time was prepared just by the apothecaries of the Dominican monastery.Special and full flavoured liqueur was known under the name of “ROSOLJ” (which came from the word “ros solis”- “the sun dew”). Later on, this liqueur was named MARASCHINO, as it was produced from the essence of ripe fruits of Dalmatian cherry marasca as well as from the leaves of its sprigs. In 18th century when at Zadar started the industrial production of liqueurs, Maraschino set out from Zadar and “sailed” into every more important European ports and metropolis.

On the way Maraschino "sailed away" from Zadar and spread over the world, a very long time ago Prunus Cerarus Marasca sailed from Middle Asia to Zadar. Prunus Cararus Marasca - a noble plant with beautiful flower and rich fruits - our Dalmatian cherry marasca. It became attached to Dalmatian Karst, and in its sun and red soil "crljenica" marasca found the source of its vigour. It successfully thrives on the territory of Northern and Middle Dalmatia, from Zadar to Makarska, mainly in the continental regions and partly on the Dalmatian islands too.

Thanks to the mild Mediterranean clime and to the specific kind of soil, cherry marasca reached the best quality. Fresh or manufactured, cherry marasca has different roles: as food, as prevention, protection and as medicine for human organism. As raw material, cherry marasca is "worth a gold" for the liqueur industry. So at MARASKA - ZADAR, the fruits of cherry marasca together with stone and leaf are used for the production of liqueurs (Maraschino, Cherry Brandy, Half), strong drinks (Kirsch, Mare), desert wines (Cherrica), fruit syrups (Amarena), and fruit juices (Maraška). Besides minerals, vitamins and proteins, marasca fruits are rich in aromatic substances, amino acids, sugar and colours.

Hence, it can be said with good reason MARASKA - Sun in each drop!

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