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(E) Prayer for Hilda
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/10/2003 | Community | Unrated
(E) Prayer for Hilda


Pray for our Hilda

Dear Friends,

I want to ask you on a personal level to please remember me in your
prayers. I just came back from my eye doctor - he is a Glaucoma
specialist, he informed me after some tests that my Glaucoma has
progressed. The left eye already has lost some peripheral vision, which
I already knew from before, but now my right eye has gotten worse too.
Don't have to tell you that it depresses me. Blindness to me is worse
than death - it is a living death. Not to see another sunset, all the
beauty of nature, our grandchildren growing, reading, all the things one
enjoys in life are mostly visual - at least to me. I would not have
become a painter if seeing and appreciating beauty would not have meant
that much to me. Please pray that science comes up with a cure, or at
least stops the progression. My first eye drops for it have not worked,
now the doctor is trying others, there is also the possibility of a laser
operation, with 74% success in stopping progression - but I don't know
what happens to the other 26%, if it makes the situation worse, possibly
blindness, than I would be 
reluctant to have it done. What miserable choices!


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