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(E) Love knows no boundaries - Croatian Youth Festival
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/23/2003 | Community | Unrated
(E) Love knows no boundaries - Croatian Youth Festival


Croatian Youth Festival in New York

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    The Croatian Youth Festival took place tonight (3/22/03) in Bayside Queens, in the auditorium of Queensborough Community College. The place was packed with happy, supportive fellow Croation’s & guests. Tonight new stars were shining bright including Josip Zanki the overall winner, Gina Picinic winner for the best vocalist & Katherina Kasap won for best performer.
The Croatian Youth Festival is possible because of the hard work of a few & the unconditional support of the many. The festival represents what is best in us as Croatians & human beings. The Festival is dedicated to the children in Zambia. Donations from the Festival & the Croatian Catholic Community in the New York area will be given so that a school can be built in Lucu Zambia. Father Robert Zubovic, one of the primary founders of the festival said, "love knows no boundaries". This is certainly true in the essence of what the festival embodies & aspires to bring forth.
After experiencing the wonder & magnificence of all who participated, we can only encourage you to try this in your communities throughout America & the world. Music & dance connects us in a happy, constructive & deep way. These are the ingredients that make life joyous & worth living! Get a hold of a CD at the Croatian Catholic Mission in Astoria, Queens & listen to the gifts from God & the hard work of our youth!

Josip Bogovic
Hrvatski Korjen

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