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(E) Croatian Chronicle: Call For Submissions
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/7/2003 | Community | Unrated
(E) Croatian Chronicle: Call For Submissions


Croatian Chronicle: Call For Submissions



The time has come to put together the Spring 2003 issue of the Croatian Chronicle. As you know, this is a paper that registers the activities of our Croatian community in the Chicagoland area. So, please e-mail us notes, articles, pictures.... about your club, parish, school, sport team, marriages, baptisms, deaths, anniversaries, individual achievements....anything that reflects our work and our successes. This issue will cover the events in our community from about December 15, 2002 to May 1, 2003.

I would appreciate if you e-mail me your contributions ASAP so that I can start putting the materials together. If you are e-mailing me a text that contains Croatian diacritical marks, please send that as an MS Word attachment. If you are e-mailing me pictures send them as JPEG files.

I would like to publish the names of all those who have returned from the Chicago area to Croatia or Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1990. If you know of any of those people, e-mail me the name(s), present address, tel. number, the year of return (if you know), and whom should I contact here in Chicago to get more information about that family (person).

Do you know of any Croatian Americans in Iraq today?

Send us the names, pictures, and other info of college/univ. students that are graduating or getting a higher professional degree this spring, or that has graduated recently.

Don't wait, e-mail us your materials for the new issue of the Croatian Chronicle soon.

We greatly appreciate the support of those who have advertised in the previous issues of the Chronicle. We do hope that you and other businesses and organizations will place an add in the Chronicle or support this publication in some other way.

The ad prices are as follows:

Full-page (8.5x11) - $150.00
Half-page - $75.00
Quarter-page - $40.00
Eighth of a page - $20.00

Please send the text of your ad (and a picture if you wish) to Ante Cuvalo, 19121 Wildwood, Lansing, IL 60438. Even better, e-mail it to Send payments to Milena Badrov, 2847 - 193rd Pl., Lansing, IL 60438. Unpaid ads will not be published! Write your checks to "Napredak."


Ante Cuvalo

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