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(E) Tri Kantuna Band
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/22/2003 | Community | Unrated
(E) Tri Kantuna Band


TRI KANTUNA is a New York based Croatian Band


Dear Mr. Bach,

My name is Ned Benvin. I live on Long Island, New York. 30 years ago I came here from Croatia. I have been a musician since I remember and always loved and performed Croatian music.

I visited your CROWN Website and I would like to congratulate you on the great job. Very informative and entertaining.

Recently my band published a Website 
With your permission I would like to put your banner on our Website. If you agree please let me know.

Best regards

Ned Benvin

TRI KANTUNA is a New York based Croatian Rock Band. We primarily play Croatian "All Time Favorites" but also performe many traditional songs and dances like polka, waltz and "kolo" especially from the Adriatic region. We also play many of our original music. Most of the songs are arranged with a more contemporary lively dance styles mixed with the sounds of traditional musical instruments like accordion, mandolin, sopile, gajde and others. Such arrangements are just perfect to bring out a good time atmosphere at any dance, party or wedding. Also vocal harmonizing is something we do best. All band members have a long lasting musical experience. Keyboardist Nedi Benvin played for many years as a lead guitarist with well known bands THE ADRIATICS and KRISTALI together with our lead guitarist Boris Kovacevic. Our newcomer lead singer Braco Cargonja has a pleasant bariton voice that gives every song a distinctive sound, color and character. We performed at numerous festa parties, dances and picnics organized by various Croation organizations and social clubs. We are proud to announce that soon we will be releasing our first CD containing 12 of our original tracks.
Thank you for visiting our WebSite and If you need an excellent band for your upcoming festa party, wedding, dance or for any other happy occasion just give us a call or send us an Email.
Our Repertoire includes:
All time favourites by Oliver Dragojevic, melancholic songs by Matko Jelavic, unforgettable songs by Tereza Kesovija, the authentic ethnic songs by the band Gustafi, fabulous ballads by Goran Karan, super medleys by Trio Gusti, fiery dance music by Colonia and music by many more Croatian and International artists. In addition, we play many traditional folk songs and dances from all over Croatia.
If you are a Polka and Waltze fan you`ll like our songs. 

Band members
Nedi Benvin - Keyboards & vocal (originally from Mali Losinj)
Braco Cargonja - Lead vocal & guitar (originally from Rijeka)
Boris Kovacevic - Lead guitar & vocal (originally from Rijeka)

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