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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/9/2003 | Community | Unrated


Invitation for Croatian summer meetings

The foundation «Pro Patria» (PP) organizing from 12. 08. - 21. 08. 2004. on Makarska riviera the 1. Meetings of Mother-country and emigrate Croatia (MMCEC), the ten days arrangements for homeland Croatians and emigrants will have very interesting program in place Drvenik (30 km from Makarska). The participants of "Meetings" (about 300) for Big Lady (Veliku Gospu) 15.08. will visit Medugorje. They will be present 14.08. in village Gornja Tijarica on our culinary-rustic party called "Days of rastike, pure i prsuta" as well as the another autochthonic speciality of Croatian rocky grounds. The competitors for the best air-dried ham, the most appetizing kale and polenta will be rewarded on common supper. The culmination of happening - rustical concert of surprise. In the program also will be inserted the theater monodrama called "How to talking Croatian". Participants will be able to participate 16.08. on day St. Roco in Mali Drvenik to Dalmatian festa (celebration) where you can enjoy in music, baked fish on gradela and home autochthonic vine in organization of turistic communiti of Drvenik. In the neighboring place Brist 17. 08. the guests will participate to cultured muster «Days of Dalmatian song and word» which will be held in commemorative on big Croatian linguist fra. Andrija Kacica Miosica, born in this small place. Further it will be kept a several evening conversation on the subject »Political culture of Croatian people» with a few eminent it guest from Zagreb. The children ages from 3 - 12 god. have a lower price of arrangement for 30 %. We are organizing for young children playrooms and workrooms. For teenage guests in the evening hours we organize Cro-party in disco club at Drvenik, and for older on terrace of hotel will be playing live music. The short trip possibility on Sucuraj (Hvar) 20 minutes with the ferry from Drvenik as well as being able to departure on mountain Biokovo above the town Makarska, though the departures in theater to watch the show «Actors in Zagvozd» small place in Imotska bordeland. The price of is carrying out the all of ten days arrangement (amply pension) breakfast, lunch, supper/ + the drink by choice daily for lunch and dinner and the place tax costs 300 euro. 2.) The Drives to Međugorje (one day), into village Tijaricu (other day in both way) and the supper and drink by choice on «Days of rastike, pure and prsuta" will cost 40 eura apiece. The total price of ten days arrangement is carrying out well, the 340 eura. The transfer possibility from Split and Dubrovnik air station to Drvenik, as well as the possibility to visit Vukovar are only for bigger groups. The wish of organizer will give the hundred higher present Croatian from why more unlike countries. We are hoping that we will in cooperation with You make our Meetings unforgettable!!! If You would be interested in our program of spending summer, we are asking you to report soon as possible on the addresses below the text, so then we would be able to the concrete consummation of your arrangement and solve the possible problems. If you have some questions or constructive preposition we will answer and hear you gladly. We wish best regards and every good to You and Your families from homeland.

The president of foundation «Pro Patria» (PP)

Prof. Damir Milic
tel/fax the 00385/31/500-553
Croatia - Hrvatska

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