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(E) Real Estate - Korcula - old town
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/4/2002 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Real Estate - Korcula - old town


Nenad, I'm looking for some one in Croatia who speaks English and who can help me look at houses to buy in old town Korcula. Ideally, it would be a "shell" that I can renovate to suit.

I'll be in Zagreb from May 22-23 and in Korcula on June 3. 

Thanks--Ed writes:

Dear Ed,

I am looking for you. Also, because I am getting a lot of real estate questions, we will create a classifieds section with the new design that will bring many homeowners from Croatia in touch with the Croatians around the world. Since French and English are buying properties along the coast, we should put some effort into introduction of old properties that have some meaning to us, that vibrates with collective memory and one that we will take care of as ours and not just another real estate. I had many offers from Croatia to setup an account with them, but I never had a moment to check them out. Reputation is important and the way people deal with their customers. Percentage and material benefit is fine, but work ethics is priority.



Some samples:

KORCULA, centar
Poslovno stambena zgrada, pov. 160 m2, prizemlje posl. prostor te I i II kat

KORCULA 1 center of the town
Commercial property (first floor), apartments upstairs. cca 1700 SqF

KORCULA - Stari grad Stamb. povrsina 150 m2, 100 m od mora,unutrasnjost nedovrsena, P+1, terasa
Cijena: 77.000 EUR

KORCULA 2 - Old Town
Living space cca 1600 SqF. 100 yards from the sea. Unfinished interior. Twofloors, terrace.
Price: cca $7o,ooo


KORCULA, Stari grad
Stara kamena kuca, renovirana, balkoni, suncana, cca 120 m2, konoba
Cijena: 113.000 EUR

KORCULA 3 - Old Town
Old stone house, renovated, balcony, sunny, cca 1300SqF, plus Konoba.
Price: cca $100,000


Price cca $55,000




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