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(E) Heart of Croatia Gifts!
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/27/2002 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Heart of Croatia Gifts!

Introducing:Croatian Birthday Bear!!!

NewCroatian Village Collection Piece: Café!

Neckties (“Cravat”) Imported from Zagreb

LastChance to Order Samobor Crystal this Month!

♥Spring Cleaning: Price Reductions of up to 50% off!

♥Graduation, Wedding, and Fund-Raising Ideas

♥Special 10% Off Coupon Available!

Uniqueand Loveable “Birthday Bear!

 Weare delighted to introduce you to the latest addition in our ever-growingCroatian bear selection! Wearing a lace-trimmed white skirt and shawl,this very Croatian bear even sports a red and white Grbwaistband! This very loveable Birthday Bear sings"Happy Birthday" in Croatian language ("Sretan Rodjendan")when her tummy is squeezed. Even better, if you tell us to whom you want itto sing, WE WILL RECORD IT FOR YOU WITH THAT SPECIAL PERSON’S NAME!! Plus, wewill write that person's name on our gift tag that will be attached tothe bear. (We offer two special gift tags, both female and male, each inPrigorje costume!)

NewCroatian Village Collection Piece: Café!

Wehave made many trips to Croatia, and there is one thing we know for certain: novillage, town, or city is ever complete without its café! Croatians love theircoffee, and one of their very favorite things to do is to meet in theneighborhood “Kafanas” to drink coffee and to talk with friends. We thinkit’s a great tradition and we’d like to help preserve this special custom bymaking the Café/Kafana a centerpiece of our Croatian Village Collection.  Wecan hand-letter any special name you would like on your café building, or wewill write either “café” or “kafana” on the building: tell us which youwould like! See it at!

                                    Neckties: ‘Cravat’ from Croatia…Choice “Father’s Day”Gifts!

And,now, imported directly from CroatainCroatia, we are pleased to present to you beautiful, 100%silkneckties! Croataneckties are reputably the top quality in the tie industry in the world. We arepresenting one of Croata’swonderful designs. Croatanecktiescome from the Homeland of the Cravats: CROATIA!Authentic Croataties are packaged in a protective, plastic wrapping, and come with an elegant(gift) tie box which says, “Homeland of the Cravats” on one side and“Domovina Kravata” on the other. Due to popular demand, we have placed anorder for a large shipment that is due to arrive next week.Visitus at www.croatiagifts.comto order.

 LastChance to Order Crystal from Samobor for this Month!

Ifyou have been thinking about ordering some of the exquisite crystal  fromSamobor, Croatia, this week is the last chance to get in on thismonth’s orders. Visit www.croatiagifts.comto see some of our wonderful selections! Visit us often, as we will beintroducing other patterns and ideas for etching onto the crystal…things likethe Croatian “Grb,”  Zagreb’sSt. Stephen’s Cathedral and Old Town will soon be available!

                                             Spring Cleaning At Heart of Croatia Gifts! 50%Price Reductions

 Inorder to make room for our new inventory, “Heart of Croatia Gifts” is doingsome spring cleaning! Visit our category entitled, “SpringCleaning” at,to see many products we are selling at substantial discounts---some products areas much as 50% off of the original prices!

                                            *Graduations, Weddings, and Fund-RaisingIdeas*

 Heartof Croatia Giftsoffers many possibilities for those special (Croatian) graduates, and for thosespecial (Croatian) brides and grooms-to-be! You may want to consider musicalinstrument pins or framed instruments for those Junior Tamburitzan graduates,among many other choices. Or, may we suggest a beautiful tablecloth or acookbook for a unique wedding gift? We have many categories to browse in thatoffer a wide variety of Croatian gifts choices that are both practical andbeautiful. Many of these items are ONLY available at Heartof Croatia Gifts,

Weknow that many Junior Groups will be traveling to Toronto this summer toparticipate in the wonderful convention being held there. We also realize thatmany of these groups will need to raise funds in order to get there. Visit ourspecial FUNDRAISINGIDEAS CATEGORY tosee some very special gift items at knock-down prices that can help your groupto raise significant income! You may want to consider our American-Croatian andCanadian-Croatian flag pins, as well as our instrument pins and magnets!

                                                           10 % Off Coupon Available

Weat “Heart of Croatia” Gifts are offering you, our valued customers, a 10%off coupon for purchases of $25 or more. This coupon has unlimited use, meaningyou can return as many times as you would like within the next month and receive10% off each time you shop with us! This coupon expires on June 7th.To use your coupon, you must type in: znxzg68kp whenever you order sothat 10 % will automatically be deducted from your total expenditures. Thank youfor shopping at Heart of Croatia Gifts!

MelissaPintar Obenauf  

TollFree: 877-906-8314

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