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(E) OPORTUNITY - Croatian American Makes Film
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/27/2002 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) OPORTUNITY - Croatian American Makes Film

Dragi Hrvati,

I am reaching out to you with the hope that you will
be able to contribute your many resources and talents
towards a project I am working on. 

Currently, I am obtaining my B.F.A in Film and
Television Production, with an emphasis in Writing and
Directing, and have decided to make a film in Croatia
for my senior project. It will be a short film
summarizing and highlighting the themes taken from a
feature length screenplay I am developing. A
documentary will subsequently follow the film.

“A coming of age in the midst of social turbulence,”
Cinematographer Mark Parry, on the story.

In summary, it is the heartwarming and inspirational
true story of a young man’s flight from Communism
after World War II. The story is based it off of the
events that occurred in my parent’s lives while they
were growing up in Yugoslavia during the 1950’s. I
trace my father’s incredible, painstaking journey to
freedom, from his early childhood in Croatia through
his eventual teenage escape to Italy and ultimately
America, where the recent familiar events of the early
1990’s are revisited. Courage, faith, and an
overwhelming desire for freedom in the face of
despair; these are the tokens of this moving saga and
celebration of culture, democracy, and human rights. 

Specifically, I am looking for contacts within the
industry that may be able to offer support in various
aspects of the production, such as period research for
set and costume design, and a Croatian historian to
check the script for accuracy. 

I will be casting Croatian actors in Croatia for the
scenes that will be filmed in Croatia, and I will cast
Croatians/Croatian Americans in America for the scenes
that will be shot in California. My lead actor needs
to be available for filming in both countries. Also,
I will need many extras for a scene to be shot in

If you think you might be able to help out or offer
any leads, or if you are simply just interested and
would like to chat, please contact me. I will be
traveling abroad at the end of the summer but will do
my best to respond to all emails in a timely manner. 

In making this film and subsequent documentary, I am
attempting to do what Croatians, for centuries, have
been unable to do in the past. It is time to share
with the world, not only our stories of trial and
suffering, but also the continued growth of and belief
in our hopes, our dreams, and the magnitude of our
hearts. May peace be with all of you. 

I am fondly yours,

Brenda Brkusic  

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