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(E) Announcing Traditional Lace from the Island of Pag!
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/27/2002 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Announcing Traditional Lace from the Island of Pag!


Announcing: Traditional Lace      from the Island of Pag!

    During the summer of 1979, Pam Kelley and Melissa Obenaufhad the privilege of living on
the island of Pag for a short period of time while they were studying dance andfolklore through
the Ljetna Skola Folklora. The idyllic town of Pag with its centuries’ oldbuildings, juxtaposed
against the azure blue of the Adriatic Sea and the white stone, formed deep andlasting
impressions on the two women. They saw many of the women of Pag sitting outsideof their
houses, engaged in the art of making lace---exquisite lace which is renownedthroughout the
world, lace that has been referred to as comparable to or even better than, thefine lace of Brussels.
This “needle lace,” which it is also known as, is made on a small, blackcushion with ordinary
mending needles. It is always geometrical, and it is always created without adraft or plan,
making each piece unique and different, the product of the lace-maker’simagination. Each piece of
this lace requires endless hours to make, an unending reserve of patience, akeen eye, and steady
    Each lace-maker first defines a small circle, and tiny holesare then made that are situated
several millimeters apart. The thread is then pulled through each of the littleholes, and 8 thread
sticks are then spread diagonally across the pillow. After the base or circle isset, then small
circles and triangles (called “mendulice”) are created outward from thiscenter. Pag lace is
characterized by its firmness; in fact, it seems as if it is starched---and itdoes not lose this
firmness upon washing it.
    Our exquisite lace from the island of Pag is presented underglass against a dark background
and is framed, ready to hang. We also include a description of the art of Paglace-making on the
back of this framed work of art.

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Melissa Pintar Obenauf

Toll Free: 877-906-8314


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