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(E,H) Room in New York to rent / share under $15 a day
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  09/2/2002 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E,H) Room in New York to rent / share under $15 a day

New York bedunder $15a day ?

Cura iz Splita treba malu pomoc! A girl from Split needs help!

I will write in English, that way I will know for sure you'll understand me...
My name is Karmen, I am 28 yrs old, I am from Split and currently working on 
a cruise ship as a youth counselor. We sail Caribbean's. My contract is 
soon over and I have no plans to come back. So now is my only chance to 
visit USA. I decided to go to New York for a month. Of course, I need a 
place to stay.. I have been surfing Web for weeks...Hotels are far too 
expensive for me, hostels don't look like a good idea for such a long stay, 
so I decided that the best thing is to rent a room/bed in someone's home. 
Just looking for that has been an adventure for itself...I am trying to find 
a cheap, safe and warm place as near as possible to the center of Manhattan. 
That way I could save time and money being able to walk to the most sights I 
want to visit. And as I am planning to see as many Broadway shows as I can, 
You can imagine that I will need every saved penny...
Anyway, I have been trying to find that perfect room in all sort of ways, 
this being one of them...I found your addresses at CROLINKS. I feel much 
safer asking someone from Croatia for a favor, you know how it is...
What I am hoping for is to find a place to live for one month for $15 or 
less per day (rent and everything else included). I don't mind sharing a room, 
but I'd prefer a female roommate. I already booked a room in a hostel for 
the first two nights, 08 and 09 of September. I am flying back to Split on 
October 08.
If you can help me or you know someone else who can, I would be sooooo grateful!!
Please email me back even with any little information.
Thank you.


I came across many people who visited New York and have the same problem. It would be nice if we (Croatian community of New York) organized - Smjestaj (privremeni)- for Croatians who visit out city. It could be in Astoria, Manhattan or New Jersey. Or have an agreement with the existing facilities that canaccommodate our people. I know it is a major project, but I see it as even beingprofitable for all the parties. We do not know who Karmen is, but in general weshould help our people as much as we can. Is there someone who can take her fora week and see how it works? Hvala.

Nenad Bach

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