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(E) Heart of Croatia Newsletter
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/21/2002 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Heart of Croatia Newsletter



NEW! Melissa and Pam at “Heart of Croatia” Gifts invite you to see first-hand the high quality and wonderful workmanship of our many products. Call us at our toll-free number (1-800-906-8314) to schedule a time at our showroom in Granville, Ohio. Or go directly to:  to visit us!
Our Lady of Medjugorje Vase
Hand-Etched Special Edition Vase NOW Immediately Available!
To order this vase, go directly to: 
This beautiful, finely-cut and exquisitely etched vase is now immediately available. It is engraved with Our Lady of Medugorje as she appeared in 1981 to six children, bringing them the message of “Peace” (“Mir”). This lovely engraving on this stately vase also depicts St. James Church in Medjugorje. We have limited quantities of these vases in stock, although we will order more if enough of our customers are interested in purchasing them. We are privileged to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase exquisite, finely-cut crystal from Samobor, Croatia. This is all hand-cut crystal that exceeds industry standards of 24% lead, with a refractive index of above 1545.
This high quality crystal comes from Samobor, an enchanting 759-year-old market town close to Zagreb. Samobor is recognized world-wide for its 180-year-old tradition of crystal glass craftsmanship. Although the crystal industry was temporarily halted during the war in Croatia, “Kristal Tuk” has recently begun to produce crystal in Samobor once again. In August, 2001, Pam and Melissa, Proprietors at “Heart of Croatia” Gifts watched in awe as artisans from “Kristal Tuk” hand-cut very fine crystal in their small shop. Each and every piece is specially cut by one of these Master Craftsmen. 
Andjeo Cuvar (Guardian Angel)
“Heart of Croatia” introduces these adorable “Andjeo Cuvar” pins as a way for Croatians to wear their national colors in the form of a Guardian Angel pin. Red and blue stones are imbedded in our gold angel, who is shown off against a tri-colored ribbon. Wear the pin and let your personal Guardian Angel represent your Croatian AND American heritages at the same time.
To order this pin, go directly to: 
Red Grb Neckties Re-Stocked in Time for the Holidays!
Imported directly from Croata in Croatia, we are pleased to present to you these beautiful, 100% silk neckties, now available in “Christmas” red just in time for the holidays! Croata neckties are reputably the top quality in the tie industry in the world. Croata neckties come from the Homeland of the Cravats: CROATIA! Authentic Croata ties are packaged in a protective, plastic wrapping, and come with an elegant (gift) tie box which says, “Homeland of the Cravats” on one side and “Domovina Kravata” on the other. 
The secret behind the popular “Grb” design, (which is found on this handsome Croata tie), comes from the Croatian national coat of arms. The origin of Croatia is tied closely to the East where several nations designate the cardinal points with the corresponding colors: black (north), red (south), white (west), and green, or clear blue (east). In the Croatian coat of arms, historians recognize the ancient southwestern area of Europe known as Croatia. Today this attractive and colourful combination of squares is a worldwide hit in Croatian fashion. 
We offer this Croata tie to you in several colors: Silver/Gray (only 1 left), Black/Silver Gray, Christmas Red/Silver Gray, and Navy Blue/Silver Gray 
To order our ties, go directly to: 
Please visit “Heart of Croatia” Stores on-line at We are presently stocking many new Christmas items, and we also carry many other gifts which are unique and special to those who want to preserve their beautiful Croatian traditions. 
For those who would prefer to order by phone or by mail, we have a toll-free phone number: 1-877-906-8314. Catalogues can also be ordered for $3.00.
NEW! You can now see our many products in person at our showroom located in Granville, Ohio. Appointments must be scheduled ahead of time. Call us at 1-877-906-8314.

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