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(E) Coupon Valid 2 More Days @ Heart of Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/28/2002 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Coupon Valid 2 More Days @ Heart of Croatia

REMINDER!!! We ship USPS Priority Mail so there is still time to order!

10% Off Coupon Expires December 17th at "Heart of Croatia" Gifts!

Offer: 10% off
Min. Purchase: $50
Expires: 12/17/2002

This coupon has unlimited use. Any customer can use it as many times as he/she would like. When placing an order, merely type the coupon code below where asked for, and your discount will automatically be applied. (These coupon codes are only being sent to a limited number of persons.)

Go to:  to order.

New Products

*We have 3 dolls that are immediately available with NO wait!
*We have new "Santas on Silk" ornaments available at our Specialty Gifts with European Style category!
*We now carry designer costume jewelry at discounted prices. Check out our popular and trendy stretch bracelets!
*We have 2 new water colors by Miho Simunovic.......Adriatic Garden and Stradun/Dubrovnik. 
*Check out our new Croatian ties with torpedo design motifs!

*Check out our many Croatian Christmas products, including "Christmas in Croatia" video; Croatian Santas, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions; Croatian Christmas slates, angel bears, stickers, cards by Marijana, votives, snowmen, card holders, and hand-painted ornaments!
*Don't forget about our Croatian scrapbooks and scrapbooking kits, our Croatian blanket-throws, our new "HR" design T-shirts, our new 14k gold and sterling silver grb jewelry, prints by Ivan Generalic and Miho Simunovic, "Croatian Rose" poster by Milena Soree, our Croatian bear collections that speak and/or sing in Croatian, our fabulous Croatian crystal from Samobor, our "Hrvatski Tanac" Kolo Pins, our Croatian village collection, and our instrument magnets, ornaments and pins. 
*We also carry a large selection of Croatian flags, pins, and car decals.

Melissa and Pam @ Heart of Croatia Gifts
Toll Free: 877-906-8314

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