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(E) Authentic Croatian Folk Tale Needed
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/7/2003 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Authentic Croatian Folk Tale Needed

Authentic Croatian Folk Tale Needed


I need some help from fellow Croatians. Our school is part of an international program, and as a result each school coordinator has to come up with an authentic folk tale from a specific country. Knowing I was Croatian (and resourceful), my school decided that they would commit to coming with a Croatian folk tale. Of course, they just informed me yesterday and want something quick.

The international officials made it clear they don't want a folk tale simply found on the Internet. They want something authentic and from Croatian people. If you know of any, please send them along to me. There must be something you can recall from childhood that is strictly part of the Croatian culture.

Nancy Andjelich

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