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(E) Dive Franetovic tickets proposal
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/26/2003 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Dive Franetovic tickets proposal
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To all interested Croatians in the New York area!

To all interested Croatians in the New York area!

A few days ago I posted an announcement about Croatian flutist Dive 
Franetovic who will be playing in Carnegie Hall as part of the IBLA 
Foundation's international competition. The ticket prices were very, 
very expensive! Since then I have made some telephone calls and may have 
a solution if we work quickly.

Because Dive is a friend and because I called the IBLA Foundation, they 
sent me a private invitation. On the invitation is a blank for 
donations. I have been told that I can request any number of tickets for 
half price this, for friends and family. I consider any Croatian 
coming to this concert to be a friend!

I will request balcony tickets for $25 (much better!) for as many as 
would like to come. I need to know who would like to attend this concert 
so that I know what to ask for. There are not many balcony seats (maybe 
40) in Weill Auditorium, so I am asking interested people to respond 

If I have promises from people that they want to attend this concert to 
cheer Dive on, I will make the "donation" on my credit card. As soon as 
I have the tickets, you can send a check to me and I will send the 
tickets to you. I trust you all !!!

The information again: Dive Franetovic plays on March 3 (a Monday night) 
at Weill Auditorium, which is in Carnegie Hall, at 6:30 p.m. It is her 
first trip to America and you will feel so proud! I feel very lucky to 
have met her and her family!

My email is: . I will wait until January 30 before doinganything.

Hvala vam, Suzanne Lord

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