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(E) Easy Rider, Croatian Style Houston, TX -- Seattle, WA
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  02/2/2003 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Easy Rider, Croatian Style Houston, TX -- Seattle, WA


Easy Rider, Croatian Style Houston, TX -- Seattle, WA 




I am writing to let you know about my whereabouts over the next few weeks. I am going on a motorcycle trip that will take me from Texas to Washington in a period of three weeks. The trip starts in Houston, TX (map enclosed) and it will take a place in two legs. On Sun Feb 2nd 2003 in Houston TX, I will pick up a Ď00 black&chrome Suzuki LC 1500 that I bought (see the photo below), load it with necessary stuff and drive into a sunset. I plan to spend a night in Austin, TX. Next day (Mon, Feb 3) hopefully reach El Paso, TX, and then end the first leg on Tue Feb 4 in Tucson, AZ (while making a stop in Tombstone, AZ. Wouldnít miss OK coral place for millions).

In Tucson, AZ Iíll remain for 2 weeks, working on a horse ranch, riding and training horses, and on Tue Feb 18 Iíll head west toward CA coast, making a stop in Yuma, AZ (famous prison), trying to reach San Diego by nightfall. The next day, Feb 19, Iíll drive through Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and overnight in Big Sur. Following morning, Feb 20 is San Francisco, Sonoma and Napa wine countries (hopefully visit the famous Grgich vineyard). Iíll try to get as far north that afternoon as possible, for the next day (Feb 21) Iíll have a long ride to Salem, OR (500+ miles). After spending a night in Salem, Iíll arrive to my new home of Seattle, WA on Feb 22. 

The whole trip is 3,000 miles long and it involves riding long straight roads in the SW, windy 1 and 101 in CA and OR, and some major interstates. Iíll be sleeping in a tent along the way.

If anyone is interested in joining me on some of these legs, we can easily coordinate. Ií am hoping to have GPS, CB and a cell phone (+1 617 230 9277) on board. 

Be well,

NB. No worries,Iíll wear a full face helmet and protective gear ;-) 
Trip details...

1. Houston TX 0 miles 0 hours Feb 2 
2. Austin TX 170 miles 3 hours Feb 2 overnight
3. El Paso TX 630 miles 10 hours Feb 3 overnight
4. Tombstone AZ 300 miles 5 hours Feb 4
5. Tucson AZ 80 miles 2 hours Feb 4-18 overnight
6. Yuma AZ 240 miles 4 hours Feb 18
7. San Diego CA 180 miles 3 hours Feb 18 overnight 
8. Los Angeles CA 120 miles 2 hours Feb 19 
9. Santa Barbara CA 100 miles 2 hours Feb 19
10. Big Sur CA 200 miles 3 hours Feb 19 overnight
11. San Francisco CA 170 miles 3 hours Feb 20 overnight
12. Sonoma CA 50 miles 1 hour Feb 20
13. Napa CA 20 miles 1 hour Feb 20
14. Salem OR 600 miles 10 hours Feb 21 overnight
15. Seattle WA 180 miles 3 hours Feb 22

3,040 miles 

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