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(E) Looking for Croatians in the States
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/8/2003 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Looking for Croatians in the States


Looking for Croatiansin the States

From:  "Maja Majdanac"


 My name is Maja Majdanac. I have been in the States for 5 years now. Icame
 to finish high school in 1998 and stayed more years to finish college. I
 just graduated from Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho and I am looking to
 apply to some graduate school in the States. I was born and raised in
 Croatia (Rijeka) and all my family is still there. I get homesicksometimes
 and I would like to make some connections with the Croatians (or Americans
 with Croatian background) who live here in the States. it's always easierto
 find somebody who is from the same country or has the same background. Igot
 your e-mail from Marta, Librarian and Assistant professor at Seton Hall
 University about the 
 I am hoping I can get in touch with some Croatians in the States.


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