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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/3/2003 | Classifieds | Unrated


Old Castle in the Heart of Croatia. 200,000 euros

Adria Mare d.o.o.
Specializing in authentic Croatian homes, island and sea frontproperties.

For Sale:

Old Castle in the Heart of Croatia. 200,000 euros

Built in 1780. Located in Bedekovcina Donja. 46km from Zagreb. 500m2
on a magnificent 2500m2 property. Property is connected to all
communalities...water...electricity.. etc...and all operational.
Private residence or some type of hospitality project. Telephone me
on 385 91 2707561 for further information or email me at .

Old stone farm on the island of Vis. 120,000 euros

The farm is abandoned...several stone structures high on a hill,
overlooking the sea, absolutely glorious, set on 8500m2, where the
40,000m2 rural land adjoining the property belongs as if to the
property (but is not, basically municipal land), 3 km from sea.
Ideal for restoration as a private residence or some type of
hospitality project (meditation centre comes to mind).

I encourage Croatians who are in the position of being able to
invest to buy property in Croatia now as it is only getting more
expensive and opportunities like the above are very hard to find
especially at such a decent price.

Other similar properties can be found, but sometimes the search for
a property meeting your specific criteria will take time as the real
estate market here is still relatively immature and locating prime
reasonably priced properties, then investigating ownership and
property rights takes quite a bit of effort and time. Also its
getting harder and harder to find 1st row to sea building size lots
of land that are zoned for construction. Really a needle in a
haystack type of problem. Your best bet is to find an existing
house and rebuild or remodel. Old seaside village property is still
doable but one is limited by the smaller size of the properties.

One can find more modern type properties but these are typically
overpriced if on a decent property.

Jadranka Matesic
An Australian/American Croatian Returnee

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by goldie)

    Hallo Jadranka
    I would like to get some photos and info on the Bedekovcina castle and also on the hilltop property. Thank you.
  • Comment #2 (Posted by golie smitlener)

    Hello Jadranka
    A while back I had requested info on Bedekovcina castle, and so far I did not get any information. COuld you please send it to me. Thank you. Goldie
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