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(H,E) Moja Istra DVD Magazine
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/11/2004 | Classifieds | Unrated
(H,E) Moja Istra DVD Magazine


Moja Istra

«Moja Istra» prvi je hrvatski magazin u DVD formatu namijenjen Istrijanima diljem svijeta. Rijec je o potpuno novom nacinu komunikacije i prijenosa informacija iz Istre i o Istri buduci se radi o više od sat i pol profesionalno snimljenog video materijala «upakiranog» u rubrike poput: istarske kuhinje, povijesti, tradicije, umjetnosti, kulture, mladi, gospodarstvo, sport i slicno. Dakle, Moja Istra je «mala istarska tv postaja» u domovima svih Istrijana. Do sad su izašla dva broja Moje Istre s tim da je prvi broj podijeljen besplatno. Svi prilozi su prevedeni na engleski jezik, a na projektu sudjeluje tridesetak suradnika svih profila novinari, snimatelji, montažeri, dizajneri, glazbenici. DVD magazin nije nužno vezan uz mjesecne dogadaje u Istri, vec svaki broj ima svoju zabavno edukacijsku svrhu i ima arhivsku vrijednost. Moju Istru je moguce naruciti putem distributera u NYC na tel.fax 718 278 5760 ili na  ili putem weba iz bilo kojeg dijela svijeta na adresi
Izdavac je tvrtka MedVid produkcija iz Pule u nakladi od 1000 komada. Cijena je 20 USD.

The second, December issue presents the following:
  • Istrian Tourism in the Villages and on Farms
  • Parliamentary Elections in Istria
  • Euro-Auto Pula 2003
  • Promohotel and Promonatura 2003
  • St. Mauro � Protector of the Town of Poreč
  • Festival of Polenta
  • St. Martin�s Day with Children
  • Take-Off of Fine Arts of Labin
  • James Joyce � the Citizen of Pula
  • Istrian Pearls � Gologorica
  • Life of Blind Persons
  • Playing Boules � Tradition and Sport
  • Visit to the Liburna Reservation
  • Istrian-Rumanians in Su?njevica
  • Passage Band
  • Night Life in Pula
  • Istrian Cuisine - Dumplings With Sausages
  • Morning Paintbrush - Kazun
"My Istria" is the first magazine in DVD video format intended for the Istria emigrants settled all over the world. It is about a completely new product, a revolutionary way of communication between Istria and the emigrants - it is an electronic monthly newspaper. From now on and throughout the numerous columns such as news, sport, culture, cuisine, youth, amusement, etc., all the emigrants from all over the world will have an opportunity to learn about the latest events in their homeland as well as to be educated about the history and tradition of Istria. On the other hand, the second and the third generations will have an opportunity to learn language and customs.

"My Istria" is "a small professional TV of Istria" in the emigrants' homes. Passing throughout the stories, reportages, interviews and interesting items in a potable video-audio combination lasting about two hours, Istria will no more be far away for anybody.

It is especially interesting that the complete product will be translated into English language, so all those who have problems with understanding Croatian language will be able to follow the program.

Through these pages, "My Istria" is accessible for anybody in the world, so it is possible to order own copy of the DVD through our link.

The rest of the news from Istria will be involved in a form of specially created video pages.


In a stage of preparation is a special, this year�s first issue of �My Istria�, which is published on January 19 and brings the following:

Interview: Stipe Drvis � European Boxing Champion; Sandra Mofardin: The Queen of Europe; Holiday�s Shopping; Istrian Christmas Customs; Istrian Pearls: Ćićarija; Istria Today: Istrian Monthly Magazine; Holiday�s Well-Wishing: Ivan Jakovcic; Verne�s Mathias Sandorf in Pazin; Cuisine: Scampi Tails With Prosciutto; NOLA: The Famous Pula�s Band; 9th Book Fair in Istria; Visnjan Observatory; Filmmakers of Labin; Istrian Sports in 2003; Morning Paintbrush: Wood Stealers; Josip Broz Tito Still Lives in Labin; Santa Claus Has Come to Istria; Istrian Fashion Designers on the Show in the Opatija�s Kvarner
1st issue
  • Story About the Truffle Fair in Livade
  • IBM Forum in Rovinj
  • The Biggest Tie in the World Around the Arena in Pula
  • Interview With Livio Morozino
  • Delicious Morsel of Istria
  • Team Building for Croatian Politicians
  • Craftsmen's Fair in Pula
  • Sport Successes
  • The Morning Paintbrush
  • Hum - A Pearl of Istria
  • Hand made festival
  • The Ecological and Fishing Zone
  • etc.


Moja Istra - istarski DVD magazin
Izdavač: MedVid produkcija d.o.o., Valturska 33, 52100 Pula Hrvatska
Tel: +385 52 501 048, Fax: +385 52 384 948,

MedVid d.o.o

Tel: +385 (0)52 501 048
Fax: +385 (0)52 384 948

  Robert Kralj +385(0)98 608352
  Boris Plastic +385(0)98335618
  Zoran Milosavljevic +385(0)98576309

Valturska 33
52100 Pula


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