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(E) Exploring New York through Croatian Eyes - Help Needed
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/21/2005 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Exploring New York through Croatian Eyes - Help Needed


Issue: Exploring New York City through Croatian Eyes


-Help Needed

Dear Croatians of America, especially New York City,

May I introduce you to two German girls of Croatian origin who are going to
travel to NYC for the first time in their lives: Anita Bilos, student of
architecture and Valentina Brajko, copywriter and specialist in dialogue

From 1st to 10th April we would love to explore NYC through Croatian
immigrant eyes and/or through the eyes from there children and
grandchildren. Detailly we thought about some kind of "sightseeing by
following Croatian immigrants´ steps in NYC", visiting Croatian self made
man/women at work, having sometimes lunch or dinner in Croatian-American
restaurants, going to Croatian catholic mass, seeing/listening to Croatian
artist (audio, visuals, whatever interesting).

In case, you yourself would like to pass us some pieces of informatian upon
above mentioned issues or even make a Croatian tour through parts of NYC we
would be grateful to receive your massages in Croatian, English or German
at one or both of the following e-mail addresses:

Thank you very much in advance, stay healthy and keep telling America how
beautiful Croatia is, how innovative her people are.

Sunny regards from Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Valentina Brajko

If you know any e-mail address of "Columbus Studios Hostel" please forward
it to us, too. Hvala lijepa!! Nenad: Hvala lijepa na ljubaznost, paznji i


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