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(E) Ucim hrvatski jezik, ali jos govorim malo, Cete li pomoci mene?
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/26/2006 | Classifieds | Unrated
(E) Ucim hrvatski jezik, ali jos govorim malo, Cete li pomoci mene?


Ucim hrvatski jezik, ali jos govorim malo, Cete li pomoci mene?


I am an American writer and musician coming to Croatia in spring to research
a book about Dalmatian life (I will be mainly in Peljesac for this). Beyond
that, I hope to eventually make my home in Croatia. I've grown weary of
American life and want to live where there is history,
culture, architecture and natural beauty surrounding me at all times.

Mainly, I just wanted to say 'hello' to this group in this post, but also to
let Croatian artists, musicians, writers, photographers and other creative
types that I would like to meet you when I'm in your country. I'll be
dividing my time between Dalmatia, Zagreb and Budapest until I can find a
permanent home and establish Croatian residence. As for my writing, I seek
to promote Croatian art, music, cuisine and tourism through a variety of
articles to be published on
my website, in English-language print publications, and in my own book
projects. I've grown fond of every Croatian I've met in my hometown, and I
can't wait to be in the country itself, surrounded by the culture.

Musicians, artists, photographers: There's a chance I'll want to write about
you and your work - or even collaborate on projects - so get in touch with

Ucim hrvatski jezik, ali jos govorim malo. Trebam prakticirati! Cete
li pomoci mene?

I look forward to being in your beautiful country and hearing from
you. Poslam prijateljstvo...

John J. Goddard


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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Mirko )


    Its nice what you want to do! I am Croate and am liveing in Germany! Maybe i can help you a little bitt, but my english is not like it was bevor 22 Years!

    Javi se, ali onda samo preko Email-a!
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