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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/5/2002 | Charity | Unrated
VeleposlanstvoRepublike Hrvatske u Sjedinjenim Americkim Drzavama

Embassy of theRepublic of Croatia to the United States of America

2343Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C. 20008

                 Press office,  Phone:(202) 986 9476      Fax.: (202) 588 8938




CROATIA TAKES PART IN ANTI-TERRORIST COALITION’S HUMANITARIAN WORK IN AFGHANISTANZagreb, April 5 – Republic of Croatia will deliver humanitarian aid to Afghanistan as an active involvement in dealing with the damaging consequences of the Taliban regime there. Upon the Resolution of the Croatian Government on Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan, Croatia will deliver a donation of medical supplies and equipment, tents, blankets and food, promply gathered by several Croatian ministries. The value of the donation is more than 52,000 US dollars, which rangs it among most generous donations being delivered so far. It is also the only similar donation being transferred to Afghanistan from South and East European region.Republic of Croatia has recognized the need for and importance of humanitarian activities aimed at alleviating dire implications of the refugee crisis in Afghanistan, including to the security and stability of the region. Croatia will thus get actively and involved in USA and other anti-terorist coalition members’ activities.In joint effort with the Government of Iceland, that has graciously made an military aircraft available to Croatia, the Croatian humanitarian aid for Afghanistan will be transported to Pakistan tommorow, on April 6, 2002. The help has also been provided by the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb and the American command of NATO Air Forces.H.E. Dr. Ivan Grdesic, Croatian Ambassador to US said: The humanitarian aid that is being transported from Croatia to people of Afghanistan is both a contribution to anti-terorist coalition’s activities in Afghanistan and a expression of solidarity Croatian people feel for those in need. It is not a mere gesture as, indeed, all Croatians deply relate to human suffering, due to Croatian Homeland War.. 


Media contact: Alan Vojvodic, (202) 986 9476,


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