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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  04/8/2002 | Charity | Unrated

Roots of Peace

Dear Nenad,

Please network our NEW Roots of Peace FLOWERS TOWARDS DEMINING--FTD site on
your fabulous is a wonderful way to give back to the earth.

See attached for details...




These flowers are helping demine Croatia. Can't think of anything better thenthat!

Help Root of Peace !


Dear US Department of State/UN Supporters Supporters,

Please visit our new website that went LIVE today at, as it demonstrates another innovative
public-private partnership raising 15% of every FTD purchase for demining
projects through this website.

As we prepare for our May 7th event, we would like to formally incorporate
this new partnership into our "gardening theme" of nurturing the excellence
that comes from the earth when cultivated--in sharp contrast to the planting
of landmines.

With 10,000 women and children stepping on landmines each year, it would be
ideal to promote our FTD website for Mother's Day purchases (May 12, 2002).
Let's discuss ways in which we may leverage this innovative partnership to
raise significant demining dollars--while raising global landmine
awareness... by sending a lovely FTD/Roots of Peace bouquet of Spring

Our CLEAR goal for the May 7th event is to inspire corporations/donors to
GIVE generously to demining...this is a most unique approach that may be
introduced to Rotarians, Kiwanis, Lyons and other NGO community minded
organizations that take a leadership role!

Please let me know your thoughts in getting this NEW site out into the "mainstream"...


Heidi Kuhn

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