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(E) Two Appeals
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/19/2002 | Charity | Unrated
(E) Two Appeals



In the April issue of the Matica magazine were two appeals to which the
CROWN readers might wish to respond:

The first is from the Zagreb Rebro hospital, the oncology and
radiotherapy clinic, which is in desperate need to have some repairs made
to the building, as some ceilings are peeling and in danger of crumbling
and the rest of the interior is also in poor shape. Sister Alberta is
asking for our help for this 53-bed clinic that provides treatment
annually for over 3000 hospitalized patients.

You can send a check to:
Zagrebacka Banka d.d.
SVIFT ZABA HR 2X, 7026-VAL-0941778
(za Onkologiju Rebro)
10000 Zagreb,
Kanalski Put bb
tel/fax 2404-864 

The second appeal is from the society "PAKS" consisting mostly of marine
biologists, geologists and divers/researchers, interested in pursuing
the research and preservation of the Adriatic Sea, which has fallen
mostly on deaf ears in the Ministries where such interest and initiative
should be present. 

This society has dedicated itself to document all the unusual aquatic
flora and fauna as well as rock and cave formations indigenous to the
Adriatic. They have filmed the last four years a documentary film
"Secrets of the Adriatic" (Tajne Jadrana") which required much know-how
for underwater filming as well as financial means. They have received
some aid from UNESCO and the Ministry of Science and Technology as well
as a few private companies, but it is not sufficient for the program they
are trying to achieve. The purpose of the filming is to produce and
distribute a permanent promotional, popular science documentary, such as
are shown on Public TV and the Discovery Channel , which would acquaint
the world with the beauties of the Croatian Adriatic Sea - the cleanest
of the Mediterranean seas. The documentary would undoubtedly be the best
promotion for Croatia as a Mediterranean country and move it away from
the "Balkans"!

If you wish to support this worthwhile project please send your
contribution to:

S Vojnovica 19
10362 Kasina Gajec
Tel. 098 673 622
098 204 042


I get between 10-20 letters a week about different needs from Croatia. It isvery difficult to be compassionate and just at the same time. I want you tocheck on your own people and organizations that ask money from you. SUPPORTTALENT !

Nenad Bach

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