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By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/11/2003 | Charity | Unrated



Working for a non profit organization in finance / accounting, I have spent years searching for a program that would benefit both Croatians and Americans. 

Global Volunteers, a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization for more then 20 years, works in emerging democracies and developing countries and communities in 18 countries, but not yet in Croatia. 

This program is free of charge to Croatians. American volunteers pay for the entire program and as US taxpayers, it is tax deductible. 

Short term volunteers spend their vacations of 2 or 3 weeks, teaching "conversational English" or number of other programs including business experience, work in libraries, orphanages, with elderly, disabled adults, building and painting projects, etc. No teaching license is necessary for this short term volunteering, but you do need a lot of good will to share your talent and money for Croatians. 

While the volunteers work on various projects in the morning, in the afternoon they are free to explore the country, go to the beach, meet with long lost relatives, etc. 

For this project to take off in Croatia, the following is needed: A group of people in Croatia has to decide a location, choose a program and sign up students and/or adults. They also need to send a formal letter to the Global Volunteers organization, inviting them into the community. For more information on Global Volunteers see  or call toll free for a brochure 800-487-1074, fax (651) 482-0915. Global Volunteers organization is located at 375 East Little Canada Road, St. Paul, MN 55117-1628 USA

Please forward this information to everyone you know in Croatia.

Contact Katarina Tepesh 

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