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(E) Press Release from the Croatian House in Washington DC
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  06/17/2003 | Charity | Unrated
(E) Press Release from the Croatian House in Washington DC




Forthe CroatianHouse in Washington, D.C.


AnnePavlich-CH Treasurer 


One Dollar aMonth

For theCroatian House in Washington, D.C.

The Croatian House is a Washington-based privatenonprofit corporation that has been established to provide a Washington presenceand facilitate the efforts of already existing Croatian organizations dedicatedto promotion of Croatia and its people in the USA.

Several local Croats came up with the idea ofestablishing a Croatian House in Washington, D.C., which will require the buyingor building of a property. The Croatian House will be of inestimable benefit toall Croatian Americans in promoting Croatia in the nation’s capital. Washingtonis not only the capital of the U.S. but one of the most important world centers.   A Croatian-American presence here is vital!!!!  Other European nations already have similar houses in the D.C. and NewYork area.

The house willhave several rooms for the low-cost lodging of Croatian Americans, students,visiting scholars and guests. There are plans for a business center and aprivate chapel that will be used by the local Croatian Catholic Mission of St.Blaise as well as visiting Croatian pilgrims and clergy from outside the D.C.area.  Also planned are a library,press room, and office space for interested existing Croatian-Americanorganizations.

We are initiating a nationwide and worldwidefundraiser for this project. The local Croatian community and several Croatianartists have already joined us in some early fundraising efforts (please checkour web site at

Now we are appealing to all Croatians and friends ofCroatia to help us in our efforts.  Weare asking for a donation of one dollar per month for one year, i.e. only $12per year. Please send your donations to CroatianHouse, P.O. Box 34546, Bethesda, MD, 20827. Your donations will make adifference. Via our web site, we shall keep you informed on the progress of theproject and our activities. 


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