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(E) Heather Mills McCartney?s Biography for charity
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/28/2003 | Charity | Unrated
(E) Heather Mills McCartney?s Biography for charity


"A Single Step" to Benefit Adopt-A-Minefield

Heather Mills McCartney autobiography

Dear Friends of Adopt-A-Minefield:

Patron and Goodwill Ambassador Heather Mills McCartney is generously donating all net proceeds from the sale of her autobiography, “A Single Step”, to Adopt-A-Minefield. This touching and inspiring memoir can be purchased for 30% off the retail price with FREE shipping!

Told in a wonderfully vivacious, candid voice and illustrated with sixteen pages of personal photographs, “A Single Step” is the story of a remarkable woman who proves that adversity can help a person grow in surprising and rewarding ways...and that love can come when least expected to change both destinies and hearts.

Heather Mills was already a recognized leading landmine activist and a successful model and businesswoman when she and Paul McCartney fell in love—and made headlines all over the world. Her story is extraordinary by any standards, a rags-to-riches account of a remarkable young woman with unusual strength and courage, compassion and humanity.

By purchasing this book at www.landmines.orgyou will be helping to clear a path to a safer world.
All net proceeds from the sale of “A Single Step” are donated to Adopt-A-Minefield®

Best regards,

The Adopt-A-Minefield Team
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