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(E) Looking for Bone Marrow transplant for my father
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  01/24/2005 | Charity | Unrated
(E) Looking for Bone Marrow transplant for my father


Bone Marrow Search for my father

Subject: FW: From Blaz Grizelj: Important Information Regarding My Father

For those of you who don't know, my father, Mladen "Zuka" Grizelj has been
diagnosed with a form of Leukemia. Right now he is going through
chemotherapy and will receive a bone marrow transplant in the near future.
We are asking all of our friends and family if they can help us out by
donating their bone marrow to the National Marrow Donor Program. It's an
anonymous donation, so you won't know exactly who you'll be helping out.
Hopefully, it will be my father. You can contact your local hospital to
find out where you can give the donation.

The donation is a simple withdrawal of blood that won't take up too much
of your time. It doesn't involve taking any of your bone marrow out
if you are lucky enough to be a match, the transplant process only
requires you to withdraw blood again. So there is no surgery, or
painful procedure of any kind.
There are a few criteria to becoming a

1. You can't have asthma, AIDS, or diabetes
2. You can't have serious hip, neck, or heart problems
3. You have to be between the ages of 18-60

If you fit this criteria, then PLEASE help by donating your blood. For
those of you who live in the Bay Area, you can contact Diane Hill of
Stanford Hospital at (650)723-5532.
You can give your bone marrow
donation there, or she can direct you to a place that is closer to you.
You can also go to  to locate any bone marrow donation
centers near you. There is no cost to you for the donation. Thank you
for your support and help, if you have any questions, please call.


Blaz Grizelj

CroNetwork: The Croatian-American Organization for Young Professionals.

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