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(E) CROATIA and The Liberian Registry
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/17/2002 | Business | Unrated
(E) CROATIA and The Liberian Registry


Liberian Registry

LISCR Rated Top Open Registry in the World 
7/10/02 7:53 AM
Source: PR Newswire 

VIENNA, Va., July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- LISCR, First in Safety & Security, was rated the world's top open registry by the Paris MOU (6/2002), a consortium of 14 European countries that coordinate the inspection of ships. Of the ten national ship registries that received a higher rating, most provide services for substantially fewer vessels. 

"The Liberian Registry is pleased to be recognized as the world's number one open registry," said Yoram Cohen, CEO of LISCR, a U.S. company that manages the day-to-day operations of the Registry. "We take pride in providing the highest standards of service for ships and their crews." 

The Paris MOU port authority monitors compliance with international rules on safety, pollution prevention, and living and working conditions for seafarers. Ships that fail to comply with the international standards can be detained until the defects are remedied. 

The 14 countries undertake to inspect 25 percent of the foreign flagged ships visiting their ports, then pool the information and harmonize procedures. 

The Paris MOU divides registries into three categories. The top performing registries -- which include the Liberian Registry -- are on the "White List." Mid-ranking registries are placed on the "Grey List." This year, the U.S. national registry slipped to the Grey List, which also includes Cayman Islands,Croatia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Spain. The poorest performing registries are grouped together on the "Black List," which includes Cambodia and assorted other countries. 

Liberian Registry 

The Liberian Registry continues to expand worldwide as ship owners, financiers, and lawyers recognize its unparalleled services -- a combination of a tried and tested legal framework closely linked to the U.S.; one of the top safety and performance records of any registry; and optimum service and responsiveness to ship owners' changing needs. 

LISCR is known for providing rapid response to any situation that affects a ship or crew. Its maritime experts regularly inspect vessels to ensure compliance with all international regulations. As a result, Liberian flagged ships are among the safest in the world. 

For LISCR, ship safety and security are top priorities. LISCR recently implemented new safeguards to eliminate fraudulent applications for crew documentation and to reduce the illegal duplication of crew documentation. These steps significantly improve security and are immensely helpful for ship owners and immigration authorities. 

LISCR expanded its computer system to file and maintain electronic documents, and it is enhancing relations with maritime colleges and flag administrations that issue certificates to further combat fraud and speed up the documentation process. 

According to Lloyd's List (6/26/02), "The most practical assistance has been offered by the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry, which has taken a lead in both vetting and data gathering for the seafarers employed aboard ships. Unafraid of electronics, the LISCR team has used modem technology to check and identify seafarers, their qualifications and license endorsements." 


LISCR, LLC is a U.S. owned and operated company that provides the day-to- day management for the Republic of Liberia's ship and corporate registry. The company, headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, has offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, Piraeus, Taiwan, Zurich, and Tokyo. It also has a corporate office is Monrovia, Liberia. 

LISCR's workforce includes former U.S. Coast Guard officers and maritime executives who are among the best trained and most experienced maritime experts in the world. The company is highly regarded for its rigorous enforcement of safety regulations, environmental protection, and innovative services. It is currently implementing new technologies to enhance inspection and survey procedures, while reducing costs to owners. 


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