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(E) MATAV assists Deutsche Telekom in Expanding to Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  11/30/2002 | Business | Unrated
(E) MATAV assists Deutsche Telekom in Expanding to Croatia

MATAV assists Deutsche Telekom in Expanding to Croatia


MATAV Unites Clear and Granite Technologies to Gain a Single Accurate View Of Its Optical Network Inventory and Quality of ServiceTuesday November 19, 9:03 am ET

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Clear, a global supplier of optical, broadband and digital network management software, and Granite Systems, Inc., a communications software provider of service resource management solutions, today announce that their products have been successfully integrated and implemented at MATAV, Hungary's leading telecom service provider and a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. The integration was completed by NETvisor, a systems integrator in Budapest, Hungary. NETvisor is a reseller for both Granite and Clear within Central Europe.

The integration between the Clearview(TM) and Xng® products is supported by a Clear/Granite alliance to combine Clear's unique service assurance capabilities with Granite's premier SRM software. Together, the Clearview and Xng system will arm service providers with information and tools to effectively and pro-actively manage complex multi-tiered, multi-generation networks.

In its deployment at MATAV, the solution establishes a close relationship between network hardware and configuration data in the Xng System and equipment and circuit status in Clearview. Specifically, all changes to the Xng SRM database, including detailed customer circuit configuration, are automatically transmitted to and reflected in the Clearview service assurance database -- allowing a real-time and accurate view of the customer's services deployed together with the actual usage and respective Quality Of Service reports.

The NETvisor integration at MATAV included:

* Modeling the SDH and DWDM technology and vendor specific equipments in Xng;
* Creating additional user defined attributes in Xng to specify whether a circuit should be monitored for PM; and
* Developing an on-line interface module, which automatically and immediately loads the circuit configuration data into Clearview when it is marked in the Xng system.

"The integration of Granite and Clear provides for operational efficiencies that are otherwise difficult to achieve," said Dr. Jozsef Wiener, a representative from MATAV. "By combining the two products, MATAV is assured that the network management system and the inventory system are always synchronized. This allows MATAV a single inventory system of record that is utilized by Clearview and all OSS applications, which results in a lower cost of operations, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction."

"With both operational and capital investment constraints, we understand our customers' need to derive maximum value from their OSS investments," said Tom Richards, CEO of Clear. "By integrating both Clearview and Xng, carriers realize value that is greater than the sum of the parts. Accurate, real-time inventory and performance visibility is the key to both reduced operational costs and maximizing the use of existing capital investment in network infrastructure."

"By having a single database of record, Granite and Clear offer service providers the most effective way to manage their complex networks," said Nick Hewitt, vice president of EMEA Sales of Granite Systems. "While centralized utilization makes jobs easier for people, it ultimately grants providers a competitive edge."


MATAV, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, is the principal provider of telecom services in Hungary. MATAV provides a broad range of services including telephony, data transmission, value-added services, and its subsidiary, Westel, is Hungary's largest mobile telecom provider. MATAV has recently extended Deutsche Telekom's transmission network from Germany to Croatia. MATAV is also the majority shareholder of Makedonski Telekomunikacii (Macedonia's former PTT). For more information about Matav access the web site at, and select English.

About NETvisor

NETvisor Ltd. is a systems integrator specialized in the design and establishment of IT and communications systems. As a systems integrator, NETvisor's most important task is to supply optimally designed, effective, economical, and durable solutions tailored to users' demands by integrating leading-edge IT and communications hardware and software tools and applications produced by worldwide market leaders into a smoothly operating system; to assist in the rapid installation of such systems; and to support systems operation and periodical upgrade according to users' demands.

For more information about NETvisor, call +36 (1) 371 2700, or access the company's web site at for English).

About Clear

Clear is a leading-edge global supplier of multi-vendor optical and digital network management software for telecommunications providers and enterprises worldwide. Clear's flagship product, Clearview®, enables service providers to drive operational efficiencies, decrease downtime, reduce costs, and increase revenue by delivering superior value to their customers.

Clear delivers value to carriers by enabling them to meet their service level guarantees. Customer-centric end-to-end circuit visualization, inventory system integration and performance monitoring features allow users to instantly isolate faults, identify affected customers and monitor circuits for degradation, proactive maintenance and service level reporting. Headquartered in suburban Chicago, Clear markets its products directly and through strategic partnerships with systems integrators and equipment vendors. For more information on Clear and its products and solutions, call 847-317-2500, or access the company's Web site at .

About Granite Systems, Inc.

Granite Systems provides Service Resource Management (SRM) software for communication service providers with wireless, wireline, optical and packet technology networks. Utilizing Granite Systems' Xng(TM) system, carriers can manage inventories of network resources and capacity, define network configurations, order and schedule resources and provide a database of record to other operational support systems (OSSs). An Inc. 500 company in 2000 and 2001, Granite Systems enables clients including AT&T Wireless, KPN Belgium and Verizon to eliminate resource redundancy, improve network reliability and speed service deployment. Founded in 1993, Granite Systems is headquartered in Manchester, NH with offices in the US; London, U.K.; Nice, France; Paris, France; Madrid, Spain; Rome, Italy; and Singapore. Additional information about Granite Systems and its Xng system may be found at or by contacting +1-603-625-0100.

Kelly Harder
Edelman PR for Clear

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