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(E) A Million Quid For an Island
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  07/30/2004 | Business | Unrated
(E) A Million Quid For an Island


A Million Quid For an Island
BBC News

Pebbly beaches, crystal clear water - but bring your
own generator
A string of tiny islands scattered off the Croatian
coast are up for sale.
Located along the country's pristine coastline, the
islands are said to be attracting attention from
people with deep pockets and a taste for privacy.

The islands may be strewn with pines and olives but
owners will have to pay extra to lease their own
beaches, as they remain government property.

Property in Croatia, is booming with brokers seeing a
20% rise in prices in some areas in just six months.

Croatia's Broker Real Estate are advertising the
islands - which include a pair of twin islands and an
L-shaped promontory - on their website.

"For your money you get an island in an idyllic
setting," Peter Ellis of Croatia Property services
told BBC News Online.

A 35,000-sq-metre island will set you back 1.5m euros,
about £1m.

Although he is not managing the sale of the islands,
he knows the kind of people who might be interested.

"People do ask about them, often celebrities wanting
peace and quiet. But they are sometimes put off by the
fact that you can't prevent anyone from coming to
visit," Mr Ellis said.


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