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(E) Croatian Minister Visits Portfolio Committee in South Africa
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/22/2004 | Business | Unrated
(E) Croatian Minister Visits Portfolio Committee in South Africa


Croatian Minister Visits Portfolio Committee
BuaNews (Pretoria)

August 17, 2004
Posted to the web August 17, 2004

Karen Pretorius
Cape Town

Croatian Foreign Affairs Minister Miomir Zuzul today paid a special visit to Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs to discuss possible future cooperation and bilateral relations between the two countries.

Dr Zuzul told the portfolio committee that his country wished to deepen bilateral relations with South Africa and another way of doing this would be through exchange projects in tourism since both countries were known for their abundant natural beauty.

"An exchange in tourism could be a way to promote both countries, our tourism is not in competition, in fact it is complimentary," the minister said. He explained that Croatia was a relatively small country with a population of 4.5 million and the number of South African tourists to that country has increased while a small but active Croatian community was found here. He applauded South Africa for its gains in the tourism sector and said his country would have to improve in this regard.

The Croatian minister explained that his visit to South Africa would reaffirm the good relations between the two countries who had so far signed various treaties and negotiations are underway for the signing of a 3-year Cultural Treaty.

"South Africa can act as access for Croatian business into the rest of Africa," Dr Zuzul said, adding the country also had a significant role to play in the United Nations, which he described as important and irreplaceable.

"There could be discussions on how to make [the United Nations] more efficient," minister Zuzul said as he lobbied for South Africa's support for Croatia to become a member of the UN Security Council for 2007/08. Dr Zuzul, who is on his first visit to the country, would also lead a delegation to the Summit of the Non Aligned Movement in Durban.

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