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(E) Seven Strategic Recommendations for Croatia
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  12/9/2004 | Business | Unrated
(E) Seven Strategic Recommendations for Croatia

Seven Strategic Recommendations for Economic Growth in Croatia

The Adriatic Institute for Public Policy International Leaders Summit’s (ILS) Board of Advisors, the Leadership Board and renowned world economic experts have issued the "ILS-Seven Strategic Recommendations for Economic Growth," designed to influence policy-making in Croatia. Croatia is at a major crossroads with a choice to continue its downward economic spiral or choose a path that leads to economic freedom and prosperity for its citizens. This set of recommendations aims to catch the attention of Croatia's government leaders to work towards positive economic reforms.
To view the full statement, please go to the following link.
Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Washington, DC features the "ILS Seven Strategic Recommendations for Economic Growth in Croatia" on their website under "latest headlines." Moreover, a link to the Adriatic Institute's - ILS News Release and news article in Dnevnik - Croatia's business daily written by journalist - Masa Ivanis is included.

For further information, please visit the following link:

Joel Anand Samy
President, World Development and Empowerment
Co-founder, Adriatic Institute and ILS

WDE - International Leaders Summit
37736 Starflower Street
P.O. Box 964
Newark, California 94560

Adriatic Institute - International Leaders Summit

Adriatic Institute - ILS
Markovici 15
51000 Rijeka

M: +385-91-516-9129 (Croatia)
T/F: +385-51-626-582
F: +385-1-655-7177


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