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(E) Special Invitation: International Leaders Summit, June 1-2, 2005
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  05/9/2005 | Business | Unrated
(E) Special Invitation: International Leaders Summit, June 1-2, 2005


You are cordially invited to attend:


The second International Leaders Summit scheduled for June 1 and 2, 2005 at The Regent Esplanade Zagreb, Croatia


Participants and those seeking to create a favorable business and investment environment in Croatia and Southeast Europe will join world renowned economists, successful economic reformers, business, media communications and political leaders to discuss pro-growth solutions that will benefit individual citizens and lead to economic growth.

To Register online:

ILS Strategic Theme: Economic Growth - Advocating Free Market Reforms

Speakers confirming their participation at this business and economic event:
Dr. Ivo Sanader, Prime Minister, Croatia. (Preliminary Confirmation Received - TBA)

Damir PolanÄ?ec, Deputy Prime Minister, Croatia
Vesna Škare-Ožbolt, Minister of Justice, Croatia
Dr. Andrei Illarionov, Chief Economic Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and his Personal Representative (Russian Sherpa) in the "Group G-8." He is also the President of the Institute of Economic Analysis, an independent economic think-tank in Moscow, Russia. (Preliminary Confirmation Received - TBA)
Dr. Alvin Rabushka, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, "Father of the Flat Tax", Former Adviser to President Reagan, USA
Dr. JosĆ© Piñera, Former Minister Labor and Social Security of Chile, Distinguished Senior
Fellow, Cato Institute and President of International Center for Social Security
Dr. Daniel Mitchell, Senior Fellow, Chief Tax Policy and Economy Expert, The Heritage Foundation, USA
James Carter, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC, USA
Peter Jungen, Chairman, Peter Jungen Holding GmbH, President European Enterprise Institute, Co-President, SME Union and Chairman, Economic Policy Council of European People's Party (EPP)
Matthew Bishop, Business Editor, The Economist, UK.
John Willman, Chief Leader Writer and Associate Editor, Financial Times, UK
Goran Gazivoda, Deputy CEO, HVB Splitska banka d.d., Croatia
Matthew Kaminski, Deputy Editorial Page Editor of The Wall Street Journal Europe.
Martin Summers, International Social Accountability Manager, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, British American Tobacco, UK
Simon Willis, CEO for Croatia and Bosnia &Herzegovina, British-American Tobacco
Matt D. Sertic, President/CEO, Applied Ceramics, California, USA
ILS Strategic Topics are as follows:
Tax Reform, Simplification and Competition: The Case for the Flat Tax
Chaired by Dr. Alvin Rabushka, Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Former Senior Advisor to President Reagan and known as the "Father of the Flat Tax":
The Flat Tax Movement: Estonia, Slovakia and Romania
The Flat Tax - Gaining Momentum: Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia
Advancing Economic Freedom and Prosperity
Co-chaired by Dr. Daniel Mitchell, Senior Fellow, Chief Tax Policy and Economy Expert at the Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC, USA and John Willman, Deputy Editor at The Financial Times (UK) . ILS Strategic Sessions focusing on pro-growth solutions include:
The Rule of Law: Judicial Reforms, Combating Corruption and the Protection of Property Rights
Privatization and Deregulation
Labor Law Reform
Advocating Principles of Private Enterprise
Pension Reform: Creating An Ownership Society
Chaired by Dr.Jose Pinera, Chile's successful economic reformer and respected advisor to world leaders will lead this strategic session:
Empowering Workers: The Privatization of Social Security
The Next Step: Pension Funds - A Generator of Economic Growth
For inquiries, please contact:
Telephone: +385-1-4828-820, +385-1-4828-821, +385-1-4828 822
Fax: +385-1-4828-688

ILS Partners include Adriatic Institute for Public Policy, World Development and Empowerment (USA), British Croatian Business Network - BCBN, The Stockholm Network (UK), British American Tobacco (UK), Letica Corporation (USA), Applied Ceramics (USA), Maglite Instruments (USA), Amcham, Croatian Employers Association - HUP, HP, Croatia Airlines, Hauska and Partner, Spiller Farmer Ltd., The Regent Esplanade Zagreb, Europeans for Tax Reform (Austria), Arcotel, Potomac - Croata, Utilis, Makol Marketing and ISI Emerging Markets.

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