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(H,E) CROTRAM - Croatian Tramway - Tramvaj
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  10/19/2005 | Business | Unrated
(H,E) CROTRAM - Croatian Tramway - Tramvaj


CROTRAM - Croatian Tramway - Tramvaj



A great success of Croatian industry. Consortium of Gredelj, Koncar i Djuro Djakovic, put together a beautiful Tramway, the way it is suppose to be. Not just import, but evidently export as well. Regional countries are already interested in buying Croatian Tramway. Isn't it gorgeous !


This news about Croatian Tramway was brought to you by Nenad Bach who works for Hina and is an editor for Poslovni Magazin (Business Magazine), not a musician, but the journalist. Here is the photo to prove that we are two different men. Actually there is a third Nenad Bach who is an architect living in Zagreb as well, but I didn't have time and stamina to put all three of us together. Since I am civil engineer as well, not just a composer, this makes a lot of confusion for some people.


Nenad Bach

CROWN Editor in Chief / composer / civil engineer /man with the hat on the photo


Nenad Bach & Nenad Bach, Zagreb 2005

Crotram zeli na regionalno trziste

Konzorcij Crotram, koji ce do 2007. isporuciti Zagrebackom elektricnom tramvaju (ZET) 70 niskopodnih tramvaja, zapoceo je njihovu serijsku proizvodnju, a osim za Zagreb spreman je raditi i za druge narucitelje. U konzorciju isticu da im nije cilj konkurirati svjetskim tramvajskim divovima poput Siemensa i Bombardiera, vec osvojiti domace i regionalno trziste. Za njihov proizvod vec su zainteresirani u Beogradu, Sofiji, Varsavi i Osijeku. Konzorcij zasad cine Gredelj, Koncar i Djuro Djakovic. Oko 65 posto dijelova domace je proizvodnje, a cilj je da tramvaj postane potpuno hrvatski proizvod te da u njegovu proizvodnju bude ukljuceno sto vise proizvodjaca.

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