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(E) Sealine T50 is the winner of the "Croatian Boat of the Year 2006"
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  03/3/2006 | Business | Unrated
(E) Sealine T50 is the winner of the "Croatian Boat of the Year 2006"


Sealine T50 is the winner of the
"Croatian Boat of the Year 2006"

Monday, 27 February 2006
Awards news:


World and Croatian shipbuilders have again this year elected the Croatian boat of the Year. Thanks to the original idea of Naucat, the voters are exclusively shipbuilders, whose boats are at present on the Croatian market. The profession itself decides which boat should be pronounced the best.

This year, the competition will get the attention of the world public, because the results will appear on all the best known nautical web sites and in numerous European nautical magazines. In the election overall 63 boats were involved, divided in 3 categories and 10 groups, with a voting panel of 40 shipbuilders from the whole world, making a wide and expert voting body.

The announcement of the winners took place in Zagreb Fair at the 15th edition of "Sport and Nautic" show. The winner of the competition "Croatian Boat of the year 2006", as well as winners in the categories of sailing boats and Croatian-manufactured boats, were awarded Naucat's boating cat statuette, while winners of the particular groups were awarded plaques. Zeljko Baotic received the statue on behalf of Baotic Yachting and Andreas Nehlis on behalf of Sealine International, Japec Jakopin on behalf of Seaway and general manager of Elan Pbo from Obrovac, Croatia.

Nautical catalogue Naucat has been present on the Internet for six years now, during which period it has evolved to one of the biggest world on-line catalogues of new pleasure boats. Since the very beginning, Naucat has been bilingual (Croatian/English), so is visited not only by a regional audience, but also one from all around the world, and is a source of information for boating journalists. In the next few months Naucat will be fully redesigned and will present news to the Boat market of used boats in 10 languages (as the specific trilogy which will fill out complete Naucats offer beside current nautical news and catalog of new boats, and Yellow pages as the nautical address book of Adriatic east coast, from Slovenia to Montenegro). Naucat is also a member of TINC, the International Nautical Connection.

Category I Motor Boats:
MB Cruiser/Open 29 ft: Linssen Grand Sturdy 299
MB Cruiser/Open 30-35 ft: Menorquin 90
MB Cruiser/Open 36-41 ft: Portofino 37 HT
MB Cruiser/Open 42 ft :Mochi Craft Dolphin 44'
MB Sport/Fish 31 ft: Jeanneau M. Fisher 655 Marlin
MB Fly 52 ft: Sealine T50
Motor Yachts: Riva 68 Ego
Category II sailing boats:
Sailing boats 36 ft: Hunter 31
Sailing boats 37 - 45 ft: AD Boats Salona 37
Sailing boats 45 ft: Shipman 63
Overall winner in the Category III Croatian manufacurers: Elan Power 42
Overall winner in the Category II Sailing boats: Shipman 63
General winner:
Croatian Boat of the Year 2006 Sealine T50

Last Updated ( Monday, 27 February 2006 )

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