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(E) Boris Ljubicic Wins Best Show Award from 'How Design'
By Nenad N. Bach | Published  08/25/2005 | Awards | Unrated
(E) Boris Ljubicic Wins Best Show Award from 'How Design'


Boris Ljubicic wins 'Best of Show' award from the 'How Design' magazine


'You think of a poster as a flat and static. Now see one that's dimensional and interactive. It's our Best of Show winner - all the way from Croatia' - Bryn Mooth



Bryn Mooth and Boris Ljubicic



Photos - Courtesy of Boris Ljubicic



'The Croatian American' July 26, 2005
Osoba Tjedna Person of the Week
(Translared by Hilda M. Foley)

Boris Ljubicic

After receiving over the last ten years many awards in many parts of the world, the best known Croatian designer with a world wide reputation, Boris Ljubicic from Sinj, has been rewarded also with a prestigious American award. In a competition of more then 500 works in all categories from 40 countries Boris Ljubicic has received in Chicago the top 'Best of Show' award from the 'How Design' magazine.

What enthused the members of the jury most was Ljubicic's original idea in presenting the advertising poster, whose photographs were made by the well known Croatian master of photography Ivo Pervan. They are presented in a new three-dimensional version, which leaves the viewer with a strong impression, in contrast to the classic posters with a flat surface. In order to view the poster, one has to walk around it, much like a tourist who is visiting a place or viewing an object.

The award in Chicago was given for a series of posters that were ordered from the Ljubicic design studio by the Croatian Tourist Association for their worldwide promotional campaign this Fall. The whole series are not yet finished as only 22 posters have been presented in Chicago from the 40 in the series. Even though,
this was enough for the jury to reward the inventiveness of Ljubicic's work, presenting him in such competition with the most prestigious award. Member of the jury Steff Geissbuchler remarked about Ljubicic's work that it is exceptionally impressive, while another member of the jury, Kelly Kofron appraised the originality of these posters as being indeed outside of the existing borders.

Even Boris Ljubicic said that this project was for him a challenge of the new medium for the old message.
He explained his idea thus: 'Turists are nomads and searchers. Their curiosity leads them to travel and discover new horizons, people and customs. These posters attract with their complexity and originality and because of it they are more successful than the current classic posters.

These series have already been rewarded in Germany and are in competition of designers in New York for the 'Gold Medal' for which 80 top designers of the world will make the decision this Fall.


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