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Petrinja and Sisak between the sounds of the earthquake and of classical music
By Nenad N. Bach and Darko Žubrinić | Published  12/31/2020 | Music , Environment , Education , Culture And Arts | Unrated
Both Sisak and Petrinja area suffered from sudden earthquakes by the end of 2020

The Sisak Mother of Mercy, Musica Sacra - Sveta Glazba, Zagreb
Photos by Musica Sacra, Pixsell, CROWN, the towns of Petrinja and Sisak, Sisak Diocese, Yoko Nishii (Japan)

In this article we provide photos and sounds commemorating the earthquake (6.2 degrees on the Richter scale) that by the end of 2020 struck the areas of the towns of Sisak and Petrinja south of Zagreb. The earthquake was felt as far as Italy and Austria. Both towns have already undergone a very slow and complex process of renovation in the period of two and a half decades after the Serbian agression on Croatia. We intersperse the presentation with photos showing its past and present.

The town of Petrinja near Zagreb

Croatian singing choir Slavuj (Nightingale) from Petrinja, founded in 1864, one of the oldest choirs in Croatia.
Video contains motives from the Petrinja central park and Zagreb. The main square of Petrinja had three beutiful ginkgo trees.

Strossmayer's park in Petrinja

Wooden chapel in Stari Brod

Folk dance and tamburica play near the wooden chapel in Stari Brod

Music school "Fran Lhotka" in Sisak, former Synagoge

The Sisak angels

ARS ORGANI SISCIAE - Župna crkva Sv. Marije Magdalene - Sela
Alen Kopunović, organ (dating from 1777); Margareta Klobučar, sopran

The Sisec fortress near the river Kupa.


Mixed choir of the Petrinja High School.
Znam da moj Izbavitelj živi - tekst Job 19, 25-26; 1 Kor 15, 20, glazba Anđelko Igrec (1968), solo Tena Lončarević.

Chapel of Sv. Juraj (St. George) in Lijevi Štefanki

Chapel of Sv. Duh (St. Spirit) in Lučelnica

Chapel of Sv. Petar i Pavao (St. Peter and Paul), Cerje Pokupsko

Župna crkva sv. Ivana Nepomuka, Glina, June 2020.


Yoko Nishii and Marina Lavrnja in front of the Music School in Sisak

Concert of Yoko Nishii, Japan, at the Music School "Fran Lhotka" in Sisak (the former Synagoge).
On the photo with Milan and Marina Lavrnja, organizers of the concert.

Severely damaged Music School in Sisak

Parish church of St. Bartol the Apostle in Hrastovica.
Cultural monument of A category, destroyed in the 1990s during the Serbian aggression on Croatia, and built anew.


Tomas Luis de Victoria - O lux beata Trinitas - CAPPELLA VICTORIA JAKARTA, Indonesia, directed by Herman Yoseph Tan
Petrinja, Croatia, June 2019

Remparts of the fortress in the city of Sisak.

ARS ORGANI SISCIAE, parish church of St. Maria Magdalena, Sisak

Gothic church of St. Mary in Gora, built at the beginning of the thirteenth century in the Sisak bishopric,
shown on the front cover of the DVD. Destroyed in 1991 during the Serbian
aggression on Croatia, the church was built anew in 2015.

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